ICYMI: The Unicorn Recap for 12/3/2020

The episode opens with the gang celebrating Ben and Michelle’s daughter’s birthday. Grace (Ruby Jay) and Natalie (MacKenzie Moss) tease her about being a Scorpio, which leads to a astrology vs. Science debate with Michelle (Maya Lynne Robinson) and Delia (Michaela Watkins).


Natalie and Grace talk about the pros and cons about being a Scorpio. They say Shannon is also a Scorpio, with Wade wondering how they knew this. They admit that they made a fake social media profile to stalk her, which upsets him. He then realizes Shannon’s birthday is coming up and makes the girls tell him when it is. When he realizes it is in two days, he goes into panic mode.


The ladies talk to Wade (Walton Goggins) about what to do about Shannon’s birthday when Forrest walks in. Ben asks what he has and he says he has gifts for all the kids since the last time he got bit. Ben goes to get the sandwiches, while Forrest(Rob Corddry) gives the kids gifts from the company he works for. Noah (Devin Bright) is excited about the water gun, but Ben is upset because he has to take it away because it is not safe for him to have. Wade realizes his error and feels upset.


At home, Forrest discusses it with Delia, who says it can’t be that bad since Michelle hasn’t called her to discuss it. He continues to panic, causing her to panic.


Wade and Shannon (Natalie Zea) are on a date, which has wine, low lighting and footsie. He admits his daughters told him about her birthday and made a fake social media account to spy. Shannon says she doesn’t want to make a big deal about her birthday and Wade agrees.

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Delia goes to talk to Michelle about micro-aggressions in their relationship. Michelle hears her, saying they can talk about it later. Delia continues to panic when Wade walks in, panicking about Shannon’s birthday. Michelle tells him he doesn’t have to do anything. Delia, Natalie and Grace say she never said she wasn’t a birthday person, so Wade continues to panic. After they all leave, Delia continues to put her foot in her mouth while talking to Michelle.


Wade and Forrest go to buy a plant for Shannon when they discuss the issue with Ben. Wade tells him it will be fine with Ben, but Noah might be upset. He finds a lime tree for Shannon and thinks it is the perfect gift.


Forrest goes to talk to Ben and brings over a Nintendo Switch. He pretends it is from Ben and Noah is thrilled. However, Ben and Michelle are upset over why Forrest is doing this and Ben says they need to talk.


Wade goes to drop off the plant when he sees Shannon is having a party. She invites him in for a drink.


Forrest says he wants to do better, but Ben explains how he is going about it the wrong way. Forrest says that he didn’t realize what Ben and his family is going through, offending both Ben and Michelle. Ben tells Forrest he can listen to their experiences on what they face and what they are told when it comes to protesting. They then make Forrest take away the Nintendo Switch, upsetting both him and Noah. Forrest tries to explain, but runs away.

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At the party, Shannon says it was too early in their relationship to invite him to her party and didn’t want to add any pressure. However, her friends know all about him and his fine ass. He says he is not scared off and they share a kiss. She promises to make him a pie and he leaves to catcalls from the women.


Delia continues to put her foot in her mouth talking to Michelle, who says they need to talk. Meanwhile, the guys tease Wade about Shannon. The girls then get a message from Shannon, thanking them for telling Wade about her birthday. They agree it is a Scorpio thing to get the last word in as the episode comes to a close.

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