The Bachelor After The Final Rose Recap for March 6, 2018

Tonight is the much-anticipated The Bachelor: After The Final Rose episode on ABC. Last night, we saw Arie choose Becca to be his wife, only to realize he was still in love with runner up Lauren. He then dumped Becca in an unedited, video taped meeting, only to leave her blindsided and heartbroken.

Before we find out what happened next, we get a recap of last night’s proposal and break up.

You feel like  monster? Well no kidding, Sherlock!

To make himself feel better, he talks to Jason Mesnick, who was in the same situation during season 13. Ugh, why do we need to see that? I know it worked out for all parties involved, but I could have done without them justifying Jason embarrassing Melissa.

Arie is confident he wants to marry Lauren, while Becca cries at home. Oh, honey….you’re better than this guy. I know you were in love, and this feeling sucks, but it will get better, I promise!

Also, Arie? You do not know how she feels. Emily let you go before a proposal. YOU proposed and acted like a jerk with the way you dumped Becca.

Arie has a panic attack in front of Lauren’s house, but finally works up the courage to go to the door. She greets him with a hug and apparently, she knew this was going to happen?

The two of them talk and decide to get back together. It took fifteen minutes, but that is the gist of it.

Bekah, Caroline, Tia, Sienne and Kendall talk about what we just saw. Bekah thinks he is manipulative.

Sienne is upset with how he treated Becca.

Kendall sees more emotion with Lauren.

Caroline feels like he didn’t take Becca’s feelings into consideration.

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They all agree he handled this very poorly.

Tia says she was with Lauren when Arie initially reached out.

Bekah hopes Lauren gets out of this, while Sienne hopes he learned his lesson.  However, Bekah doesn’t want her to be sad and understands why she took him back.

Kendall hopes Arie and Lauren work out.

Tia says Becca is actually worried about Lauren, because she is that good of a person. Caroline echoes her sentiments.

Becca takes the stage and says she is hanging in there. She adds it was difficult to watch everything and relive those moments. She says she knew Arie was in love with both of them, but things were moving forward in their relationship. She says that she kind of knew the breakup was coming once she found out he was talking to Lauren again and the feelings were still there.

Chris tells her that there are billboards in LA and Minnesota sending her love and support. There is also a fund to send her wine that is up to $6000. She thinks the money is sweet, but decides to give it to charity instead. Chris says the show will match it and they agree the money will  go to Stand Up To Cancer.

Arie joins her on stage and she asks when he knew it was over and he wanted to be with Lauren. He said it was when he talked to Lauren and he did things the way he did because he wanted people to see this was on him and not her fault.

She also wants to know why he hid this so long and he says didn’t want to be rash…and he needs to just be quiet. She says she asked him for honesty, but she didn’t really get that from him. She wants to know why and he then sys he felt an emptiness once they left Peru.

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OMG, dude, just STOP!

Becca feels disrespected by the way he handled things. However, she is ready to move on despite that she will always have feelings for him in some way.

Arie regrets proposing and blames the timeline of the show….so no apology? Ok, so a half baked one. OMG, Arie, just STOP!

Becca wishes he thought things through and that he were honest with her. She also feels he robbed her of the special feeling of a real engagement.

He keeps blaming the timeline and keeps saying he regrets proposing to her and how about he takes the blame rather than blame the show?

She forgives him and says she wants him to be happy. What a class act! She adds that he needs to be honest with Lauren and not break her heart.

Jason and Molly talk about their relationship and the backlash they faced when he was in the same situation. He thinks Arie and Lauren need to get away and move far away.  They think their backlash is a part of their journey and why the hell did we even waste time on them? Seriously.

Arie again….Jeez, Mary, Joseph and Ralph! He just needs to STFU. Lauren joins him and she looks happy to see Arie. They discuss their relationship and he reached out via INSTAGRAM? All righty then! I get he didn’t have her number, but there were other ways to reach out.

Lauren wanted to be respectful to Becca, which is nice, but….why put yourself in the position of being involved with an engaged man who says it is over? How do you know he isn’t lying?

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He was respectful……oh honey…..

I’m tuning out….this whole thing is fake and a big F U to Becca.

Arie proposed to Lauren, who happily accepts and while you’re at it? Why don’t you put Becca’s heart in a blender. #$#$%$%$%$ (translation: words I’m not allowed to say on my site.)

The Bachelorette is coming back….the lucky lady is….Becca. WOW. I’m shocked after the hell they put her through. I would have told the franchise to take a flying leap, but that is just me.

Becca is ready to find love and plans to be the best Bachelorette she can be.  The girls from her season join her on stage and it is actually very sweet.

Now it is time to meet some of the men on her season.

Lincoln looks like he is channeling Doctor Who. He seems very sweet and to be honest, very much my type. It’s also his birthday.

Chase seems very sweet and thinks she deserves better than Arie.

Brian sings her a song and plays the banjo.

Darius reminds me of Kenny from last season.

Blake brings his horse Bradley.

More will be revealed in May, when her season begins. Goodnight!

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