ICYMI: Mom Recap for Sober Wizard and a Woodshop Workshop

The episode opens with Adam (William Fitchner)sitting in the kitchen. Bonnie (Allison Janney) walks in, saying how she is in her comfies and he just got back from the gym. He asks her to go with him and she declines.


The topic switches to a friend of Adam’s who goes skiing, even though he is in a wheelchair. As they watch a video of him, Adam says he is going with him next week.


Bonnie meets the women at the bistro and tells them Adam is going to die. Wendy (Beth Hall) explains how it works, while Tammy (Kristen Johnston) says it sounds cool. Bonnie yells at her and Tammy says she is in a mood.


Jill (Jaime Pressly) talks about her experiences skiing, saying while you can get injured but you never die. Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) asks what Bonnie has said to Adam and then tells her to be supportive. Bonnie is not amused by this and plans to hide Adam’s wheelchair. Jill tells her that this could lead to her being asked for a break and riding her Peloton for fifteen hours a day.


Marjorie tells her it is solution o’clock for her Andy issue. Jill continues to be upset when Tammy asks her to volunteer at the center with her. Jill says she already donated her money. Bonnie asks for her to donate money to Adam’s casket.


Bobbi (Rebecca Metz) is thrilled that Jill decided to volunteer and introduces her to Michaela (Saylor Bell*, who is one of the girls in need of a mentor. Jill comments on her book and goes on to talk about herself. Tammy, on the other hand, bonds with her girl Sarah (Brianna Reed) over having a foster sister and says they can possibly one day be best friends like her and Bonnie. However, the girl says that will never happen because she put toenail clippings in her cereal. Tammy agrees that would be hard to come back from.

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Jill then asks Tammy what to do about her girl and Tammy tells her to find something in common. This leads to Jill and Michaela talking about boys.


Adam asks Bonnie what hat to wear, but she thinks both are ridiculous. As he goes to finish packing, she complains about her feelings to Gus the dog. She also confesses to throwing out his read shirt because she hated it. As Adam goes to leave, she tries to find a way to tell him to stay, but chickens out. She spends her time cuddling with Gus.


Jill talks to the other girls at the center about her Andy issues and is surprised that they not only know about Dirty Dancing, but think she is 25. Tammy goes to get them for her woodshop class, but they decide they need to help Jill out because she still feels tempted to text or call Andy.


Bonnie continues to freak out and keeps rearranging the house. As she moves things around, she makes a mess and is too tired to clean it up. However, she thinks she lost Gus, so she runs to look for him. She finds him on the bed chewing on Adam’s hat. They cuddle and ‘bond’ over missing Adam.


The women are eating at the bistro with Bonnie complaining about people leaving her and Jill saying how much the girls are helping her.

Later that night, Bonnie has a dream that Alvin (Kevin Pollak) is back. They have a beautiful heart to heart, which makes her feel better about Adam.

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Tammy talks to Bobbi about the Jill issue, but Bobbi tells her to talk to her herself. They have a heart to heart of their own, making Jill realize her worth. She tells the girls to go to Tammy’s toilet fixing workshop and they can do a TikTok to make Andy jealous later.


Adam comes home and while she is upset he wants to go skiing again, they finally agree to go together. She tells Gus he was going to be ok, but he barks, calling her out on her BS.


The episode ends with them skiing together.

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