ICYMI: Mom Recap for Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies

ICYMI: Mom Recap for Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies

ICYMI: Mom Recap for Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies

The episode opens with Bonnie(Allison Janney)  and Trevor (Rainn Wilson) in another therapy session. She asks him for advice and he asks her what kind she wants. She says on anything, so he tells her that she shouldn’t play poker after a man named after a city. She says she wishes she knew this 25 years ago, then goes on to complain about Adam not serving enough non-alcoholic beverages at the bar. She says he doesn’t love her. Trevor tells her Evel Canievel wouldn’t be able to make that leap.


Bonnie realizes he is grumpy and asks if he is still not having sex. He says that he only discusses this with his therapist, and explains how every therapist has a therapist. Bonnie says that then everyone has a therapist and thinks she can be one as well.


Jill (Jamie Pressly) is at a juice bar picking up her order when she runs into Trevor. The two of them chat about running and he says that he was thinking of her this week when he had allergies. Her tissue box made it a more positive experience.


At that moment, his kale smoothie with a lady boost is ready and he insists he takes it for his low iron and folic acid. She says his secret is safe and he reminds her he keeps secrets for a living. However, he reminds her he can’t spill any, even though it would make him more fun at parties.

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They go to leave, but he has trouble opening the door, leading to Jill teasing him about the Lady Boost.


Bonnie has Adam (William Fichtner) and Tammy (Kristen Johnston) try mocktails, which are a hit…..except for the Thanksgiving drink. Adam agrees to make a mocktail menu for the bar.


At the bistro, Jill talks to Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) about her feelings for Trevor. Marjorie reminds her that Bonnie is uncomfortable with this and they begin to argue about it until the waitress tells them to order.


Trevor asks for advice on Jill with his therapist, who tells him that dating Jill is off the table as long as Bonnie his patient. He complains Bonnie will be there forever and she says that there is always one of those patients. They laugh together until he realizes she is talking about him.


Bonnie talks to Trevor about the new mocktail menu and comes to the revelation that she may no longer need therapy. He asks her why and she begins to talk about how she thinks she got the help she needed….only to break down again and realize she may need it twice a week.


Jill leaves the juice bar, only to see Trevor coming, going back in to order a drink. However, when he sees her, he says he has to go and rushes out, once again having trouble with the door.


At the bar, the ladies are enjoying mocktails together. Bonnie and Tammy go to get another round while Wendy (Beth Hall) uses the restroom. Jill asks Marjorie for more advice, but Marjorie won’t budge. Jill asks Bonnie again and she finally agrees to let them date. She says if you ask her the next day, she would have changed her mind because menopause would probably cause her to forget what she said. She then demands money for her drinks in her Venmo.

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Bonnie is reading at home, only to realize she isn’t a fan of reading. Adam comes home and asks if she left a note telling him to comb his hair. She says no, but thanks for the advice. She then goes to complain about the fact that Trevor and Jill like each other, making it all about her. Adam tells her not to worry because she doesn’t know what will happen. She goes to make a mocktail, only to realize she is not drinking alone.


Jill goes to Trevor’s and asks the nosy neighbor if he is with a client. She is silent, but then tells him when his clients arrive. She goes to knock on the door to give him the smoothie she bought him and they talk about their relationship. She says she likes him, but he tells her than he cannot like her back, leading to an impromptu therapy session. She decides she wants him to be her therapist, but that is not allowed either.


Jill meets Bonnie at the bar to to fill her in on everything. Bonnie admits she was getting addicted to mocktails. They discuss triggers and order drinks, a club soda for Bonnie and a Sparkly Pony for Jill.

The episode ends with Bonnie and Trevor having another therapy session, where he admits he likes taking care of her and she learns his last name.


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