The Amazing Race Recap for 11/25/2020: Mega Leg

This two hour episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race is an Mega Leg, meaning there are double Roadblocks, Detours and the like. There is also an unused Yield, but will it be used? We are about to find out!


The teams now must head to Hyderabad, India for the next leg. Will and James are the first team to leave, with each team beginning in the order they checked in at the pit stop. Once they all arrive, there is a mad rush for the taxis. Eswar and Aparna are the first to arrive, where they get the next clue. They have to smog test three rickshaws, which confuses Will and James. However, once the teams figure out what to do, they try and stop drivers for the smog test….without much luck.


Eswar and Aparna stay in the lead, where they get their next clue. They can either do a Food App, which has them completing three food deliveries or Number Trap, which has them cracking a code using binary numbers. Using motion sensor technology They choose the Number Trap, as do Hung and Chee, DeAngelo and Gary, Will and James and Riley and Maddison. Kaylynn and Haley choose the Food App.


Despite failing on the first try, Will and James get the next clue, which tells them to head to the fourth floor bunker. Once there, they are given the next clue. They are also contemplating using the Yield on Kaylynn and Haley, knowing there is no way they can retaliate. They decide to go for it.

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DeAngelo and Gary and Eswar and Aparna also finish and head to get the clue. Hung and Chee decide that the number one is too hard and switch to the food one.


Kaylynn and Haley are behind again due to their driver getting lost. They are so lost that Hung and Chee manage to arrive before them. The latter manage to get the deliveries done, while the former keep getting lost.


Roadblock! They must find digital turbans and match them to real ones. James, Gary and Riley choose to complete this, with Gary and Riley finishing fairly quickly and James keeps struggling. However, Gary and Riley explain to him what he is doing wrong, allowing him to continue the task correctly .


Hung and Chee and Eswar and Aparna work on the Roadblock, while Kaylynn and Haley continue to struggle with the detour. They finally finish, but have to wait twenty minutes due to being Yielded. Once they begin the Roadblock, they continue to struggle, since they have to use matches that have not yet been done.


As the teams finish the Roadblock, they head to Charminar, where they are given another Detour choice, This or That. This has them pushing a cart through a bazaar, go to a store and go through the cart to find bangles for a bride. That has them working as dental techs, where they have to work on molding and cleaning dentures and placing them in a patient’s mouth.


Eswar and Aparna and Hung and Chee to That, while everyone else does This.

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Riley and Maddision finish first and must head to Taj Malaknuma Palace, where they dress in formal attire, get into a horse and carriage and ride around the palace with a waiting couple. They then must set the table for a formal event consisting of ten people. Before they begin, they decide to use their own Yield against Kaylynn and Haley.



The other teams, minus Kaylynn and Haley, get to the Roadblock. Riley and James work together, purposely leaving Gary out.


Kaylynn and Haley think they are caught up, but see they have another Yield. They decide it is karma due to using theirs on Leo and Alana.



Riley finishes, with James not too far behind. Once they past muster, it is time for them to head to the Pit Stop.


Team 1: Riley and Maddison…and they win a week long cruise!

Team 2: James and Will

Team 3: DeAngelo and Gary

Team 4: Hung and Chee

Team 5: Eswar and Aparna

Team 6: Kaylynn and Haley–Eliminated.




More next week, stay tuned.



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