ICYMI B Positive: Foreign Bodies


The episode opens with Drew (Thomas Middleditch) waking up with a huge dog in his face. He goes to look for Gina (Annaleigh Ashford), who is doing a dance video on TikTok. She says her followers love her new place. He asks about the dog and she says his name is Cannoli and she is training him. He asks about her being a dog trainer and she says for $300, she will be whatever anyone wants her to be.


After she finishes her dance, she sips her water and gives the Connecticut water a thumbs up. Drew says he loves that she is here and wants her to feel at home, but they need boundaries. He mentions her keeping her fermentor in the garage is preventing him from parking his car. She says she makes her own beer, but doesn’t drink it. Instead, she sells it to the old people at work. He says she is a dog trainer and a bootlegger. She says she is also a waist up body piercer.


She goes to get Cannoli breakfast when he goes to lick Drew’s crotch. He asks her to train him and she says that is his best trick.


At dialysis, Drew complains about Gina until Samantha (Briga Heelan) throws an apple at him, saying people would give their left nut to have a donor. She then asks for it back because it wasn’t a gift. He throws it back, but it falls, causing Jerry(David Anthony Higgins) to make fun of him.


Eli (Terrence Terrell) says he is lucky to have her by making sports analogies. Samantha tells him not to do that based on his throwing. Drew continues to complain about Gina and her TikToks, which Jerry admits he watches, but not in a creepy way.

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Gideon (Darryl Stephens) reminds him that he didn’t move a kidney into the house, but a human being.


Gina is playing with Cannoli when her phone rings. It is a possible spam caller and she ends up telling the person to go for their dreams, possible into broadcasting or going back into DJing.


Julia (Sara Rue) arrives and asks if she is dating Drew. Gina says she is the kidney donor, which is a huge surprise to Julia. They end up talking about it when Drew comes home with jelly beans for Gina. He sees Julia is there and finally comes clean about everything. He says Gina volunteered her kidney and Julia thanks her. She also wonders why he didn’t ask her, but he says it is because of Maddie and they cannot have the surgery at the same time.


When Julia goes to leave, she asks if they should tell Maddie together, but Drew wants to do it alone. Julia says she still cares about him and kisses him goodbye and it was just muscle memory. Gina says they handled that well.


The next day, Drew picks up Maddie (Izzy G) to take her for fro-yo, but she wants cappuccino instead. He argues about it a bit, but he finally relents. He sees her smiling, and calls her out on it.


Gina talks to two of her residents about Drew. The woman(Linda Lavin) thinks she wants to sleep with him and Gina tells her she should do it. The man (Bernie Kopell) offers to have sex with the female resident, causing them to banter. Gina says she wants to have a friendship with Drew and more than being told not to put her Crocs in the dishwasher. The female resident says Gina’s relationship with Drew is transactional and she is her friend. The two residents tell her to lose the Crocs.

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Drew talks to Maddie about her life and then tells her he needs a kidney transplant. He assures her he will be fine and says Gina is donating her kidney and living with them. Maddie makes him swear he won’t die and he promises and says he might end up with a two pack when this is all done. He then tells her to stop using so much sugar.


At home, Drew is eating when Cannoli begs for food. He relents and gives him a bite when Julia texts him, asking how everything went. He says it went fine and she reminds him the kiss meant nothing.


Gina came home and they tell each other that they complained about each other at work. He tells her that he talked to Maddie and she is processing. He asks her to not talk to Maddie because of boundaries and she agrees as she takes her Crocs out of the dishwasher. He spits out his food and gives it to Cannoli, saying it is their secret.


Gina sneaks into Maddie’s room through her window to have a talk. Maddie admits she is scared, so Gina comforts her, saying he is going for the transplant and putting up with her so he can be alive for her. Maddie asks her why she is doing this and she says that they knew each other in high school and it is her turn to save him since he would lecture her about smoking. Maddie is happier and Gina leaves through the window, only to fall and get caught by Drew.

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The episode ends with Drew and Gina making a TikTok and Maddie saying she needs a last name.


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