Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for 9/16/2020: Reunion Part 3

Tonight is the final part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale. The drama and tears will continue and hopefully we will see the Brandi/Denise drama will be put to bed.


However, we must get through more screaming over Denise allegedly being a liar. The women all attack her about Brandi, not showing up to events and what was said or not said.


Lisa has a ton of texts between Denise and Brandi and threatens to share them. Denise threatens to share texts between her and Lisa, which Lisa says is private. She then continues to yell at and shame Denise about being honest. Kyle also attacks her about her honesty.


Garcelle asks why Denise would even say anything if she is always being attacked. Andy wonders if Denise wants to keep things private in order to protect her family. They all continue to yell until Andy changes the subject.


We then take a look at Erika’s journey this season, starting with her go go dancer past to ending up on Broadway. Andy compliments her performance and says many celebrities came to see her. However, Tom could not due to COVID.


A fan asks about Lisa’s daughter’s Instagram pictures, which causes Erika to quip they make more money than she did at Shakers.


The topic switches to Garcelle calling out Lisa about stealing Erika’s thunder. Garcelle says that it was Erika’s time to shine. Erika was fine with it and thanks the ladies for going to the show.

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Teddi calls Denise ans Garcelle out for not going and calls them hypocrites for it because they alway talk about women empowerment.


Denise says she wasn’t there due to not being invited and Garcelle couldn’t make it….and has a fear of flying. She claims she had prior commitments, but the women still try to call her out for allegedly lying.


Denise discusses social distancing filming for Bold and the Beautiful. They use mannequins, spouses and blow up dolls. Denise loves that Aaron is with her…which leads to his montage. Andy wonders why he wasn’t there and she says no one else’s husband was there. This leads to Andy pointing out that PK came to a previous reunion and worked things out with Erika.


Erika and Denise argue over Aaron’s behavior and then he is shamed for not apologizing…AND HE ISN’T EVEN THERE!


A fan asks about the hand crushing comment from Aaron and Denise claims he doesn’t remember saying that and the women claim they were worried when they saw the playback.


The topic then switches to Denise and Lisa’s relationship and how it has changed. Denise walks away when asked why it changed. She comes back and says she is not unhappy, but hurt over how her former friend treats her, which leads to Lisa calling her a liar again.


Lisa keeps going on and on about Brandi and takes out the text prints out. She then says she would not bring her on the show if she had to do it over again. She then brings up Heather Locklear, which confuses Andy.

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Dorit hopes things work out with Lisa and Denise.


Everyone gives their final thoughts on the season before saying goodbye.



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