Celebrity Spotlight: Carrie Wampler

Carrie Wampler is an actress who has grown up before our very eyes.  She may be young, but she has more star quality and maturity than people twice her age. Seeing her act is a treat and getting to know her is an honor.


The Austin and Ally alum can be seen in The Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate as Olivia. The movie airs this weekend and shows her in a way we have never seen her before. She took time to speak to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.


1. She describes Olivia at a naive girl who is in need of money, so she decides to be a surrogate for a celebrity couple. She is first enchanted by the celebrity life, but soon ends up in a darker, more sinister situation.


2. Carrie prepared for the role by talking to her costar Brianne Davis, who had a baby a couple years prior. She helped her practice how to stand, hold her belly and walk so it looked as realistic as possible.

However, the role did not come without challenges. Since the film was filmed out of order, it was hard to keep track of where she needed to be emotionally. She ended up keeping a timeline on her phone so that she knew what happened when and knew what emotions to use.


3. Her favorite part about filming was working with such wonderful people. She says it became like a family, but everyone was also very sweet and professional.

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She also enjoyed playing a pregnant woman, which was a new, but welcome challenge. People had warned her about the pregnancy suit, but it was something she embraced and now she looks forward to playing another pregnant woman in the future.


4. People might not know that the movie was filmed right around Christmas time! While the movie was not set during the holiday season, Carrie says that everyone had the Christmas spirit, which made the experience even more special.


5. Fans can also see her on The Goldbergs as Ren. She adores the role and the cast and cannot wait for fans to see her on the show. She also has some other projects in the works, but you need to tune in to see what she will be doing.


Check back for more news on Carrie.

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