Celebrity Spotlight: Brianne Davis

Brianne Davis has been making a name for herself ever since she guest starred on Dawson’s Creek in 2001. She went on to star in several other television shows and movies and has become a fixture on Lifetime.

Now the Six alum is returning to Lifetime for another movie. The Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate debuts this weekend and promises to leave viewers captivated and entertained. Brianne plays Ava, a celebrity who longs to have a child, so she hires a young woman to be her surrogate. However, there is a dark side to her and her husband’s lives that will keep people on the edge of their seats until the very end.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Brianne opened up about the movie and her life. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.


1. Brianne revealed that she based Ava on two celebrities she knows (and no, she did not reveal any names!) and came up with an enigma of a character. She finds Ava to be complex and sculpted, with a little bit of silliness thrown in. She credits writer Courtney Henggeler for creating the movie and character the way she did because it allowed her to make Ava into her own.

She also relied on her wardrobe for the movie to get more into character. As you will see in the movie, she will be wearing different outfits to represent a different ‘person’ that Ava is representing….and you will need to tune in to see what that means!


2. For her, the biggest challenge was not making the character into a caricature. She wanted to ground Ava into reality in all her colors.  Brianne says that Ava tends covers up her flaws with different ‘masks,’ so she wanted to make sure that she went into each part of her as seamlessly as possible.

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She also says that having to be mean to Olivia(Carrie Wampler) was difficult because both the character and actress were so sweet.


3. Brianne says the best part about playing Ava was that filming the movie was a family affair. Her husband directed it, the producer’s wife wrote it and she knew the producers from a previous projects. She loved that they got to create the movie together.

As for playing Ava, she loved the fact that it was like playing a different character in each scene. One moment she is the one you love, then the one you love to hate and then the one you want to be best friends with.


4. Now that the movie is getting ready to air, Brianne is hosting a new podcast called Secret Life, which is about people’s secrets and how they got rid of the shame and let it go. She is also getting ready to publish a book called Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love addict and pitching television shows, one of which is based on her book!


5. People would be surprised to know Brianne loves drug store romance novels. Her favorite author is Sandra Brown because they remind her of Lifetime movies. In fact, she hopes Sandra one day decides to make movies for the network!


Keep checking back for more news on Brianne!

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