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Big Brother All Stars Recap for 9/27/2020: Who Is On The Block?

Season 22 of BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day. Each week, someone will be voted out of the house, with the last remaining Houseguest receiving the grand prize of $500,000. Airdate: September 24, 2020 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network Pictured: Memphis Garrett and Enzo Palumbo Photo: Best Possible Screen Grab/CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Tonight we begin week eight of CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. When we last left our houseguests, Da’Vonne was sent to the jury house. Now the remaining houseguests will have to fight for HOH. Dani still has her replay power, but will she use it on Memphis? We are about to find out!


After a bit of drama with Christmas, Dani and Nicole arguing over who voted to keep or get rid of Da’Vonne, Dani talks to Memphis about the power. He is afraid it will make him a bigger target, but she decides to use it anyway. However, Nicole and Cody are both upset over this because it makes her look as if she no longer cares about the alliance.


Now that the replay power is being used, Memphis is competing for HOH, even though he really doesn’t want to win. It is a golfing game where everyone can play for HOH or money. It actually seems as if people are trying to throw the competition and that Cody is the only one who really wants to win.


Cody actually does end up winning while two unknown players tie and win $5,000 each.


Tyler and Dani lie to each other about winning the money…..then decide to keep it a secret to avoid becoming targets.


Later on, Dani talks to Cody about Christmas being upset about him winning HOH in hopes that he would put her on the block. Although he (and Nicole) know Dani is lying, he doesn’t think it is a bad idea because he knows he would be on the block if the roles were reversed.

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Enzo tells Cody about the second Wise Guys alliance and asks if he is targeting Christmas. He says he does want her out, but is targeting Kevin first. He also wants to break up whatever is happening with Christmas and Memphis so they can keep their final three deal with him.


Later on, Cody tells Nicole his plan to target Kevin and that in the event that he is taken off the block, Christmas will go up. Nicole thinks this is a bad idea because it would seem as if he is doing it for Dani and that it will end up with her being targeted by Dani. Cody insists this is his idea and he is not doing anything for Dani.


Cody and Kevin have a conversation about nominations and evictions. Kevin says he will not vote for the one who gets him evicted. This upsets Cody, especially after Kevin goes on to tell him that not everything is about him. Now Cody is out for blood and plans to get rid of Kevin once and for all.


Nomination ceremony! Kevin and David are on the block. Kevin knows he is in trouble and is more determined than ever to win POV. Stay tuned.

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