America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/25/2020: Quarterfinals Part 3

Tonight is the third night of quarterfinals on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Terry Crews is back to host, while Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara judge. Simon Cowell is out for the time being due to his back injury. They all agree he is irreplaceable and want him back ASAP.


Eleven acts will perform tonight, with five moving on to the semifinals.


  1. Dance Town Family: They are all in masks due to COVID, but they refuse to let that slow them down. The choreography is tight, they all have great chemistry and they have me smiling from start to finish. Even with a lot of dancers you can focus on each one individually.

The judges love them and hope they make it to Vegas.


  1. Nolan Neal: His story brings tears to my eyes and his performance has me sobbing. The song is incredible, his voice has the perfect blend of emotion and power and he commands that stage. He is a story of inspiration, hope and proving you can overcome and rise above your past.

The fact that the song was an original makes it that much better.

The judges find the performance inspirational, beautiful and uplifting.


  1. Usama: He jokes about his name and running into a friend in an airport. He also talks about airport adventures, clubbing and music.  He is hysterical and I want him to make it to the next round. I would love to see him in Vegas.

The judges find it risky, but leave it up to America. However, Sofia thinks he should be an actor.

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  1. WAFFLE Crew: They are dancing to DMX. I am getting high school flashbacks. It reminds me of living in NYC. The dance, the theme, the spirit, I can see why Simon gave them that Golden Buzzer. Send them to the semifinals!

The judges loved them and hope America votes.


  1. Annie Jones: She reminds me of JoJo Siwa or a baby Christina Aguilera. She has the voice, the sass and the attitude to make her memorable. It is also impressive she came all the way from Australia to do the show. I see a TV show in her future.

The judges like her star quality, but Howie preferred her first performance.


  1. Malik Dope: This song was also used in an episode of Bob Hearts Abishola. Watching him drum, jump and dance with the fire background has my jaw on the floor. It reminds me of Stomp on steroids and with drums. Give this guy a show already! The rest of the music makes it that much better and brings me back to college.

The judges are blown away, not only by the performance, but by his dedication to his dad.


  1. Max Major: He reminds me of Shawn Spencer from Psych. He uses the virtual audience to do his trick, which is going to be interesting. He has them close their eyes, visualize an image and draw it. Then he sets his watch to a specific time and has Howie visualize a clock. He says he saw the time 4:00….which is what he had on the watch. He then has him visualize a billboard and draw it. He then opens an envelope, which has a sun picture, which is what Howie drew. He then reveals there are subliminal messages in his pre-act package. The audience also drew suns.
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The judges think he is worthy of making it through.


  1. Bonebreakers: Holy cow, how do they do this without hurting themselves? It is so fascinating to watch….yet so painful. However, they are incredible.

The judges are also fascinated and wonder how they can top this.


  1. Sheldon Riley: His story about hiding and finally stepping out breaks my heart. I want to give him a huge hug and be his friend. That performance completely blew everyone out of the water, it is just that good. He just got himself a ticket to the finals. WOW. I am crying and have goosebumps.

The judges think he is unique, magical and that the performance is emotional.


  1. Alan Silva: He talks about how he broke his neck performing and his recovery. Now he is attempting the same performance again. It is nothing short of jawdropping. Holy cow that last thirty second had me shaking and screaming. I did not expect those spikes to be added at all.

The judges were blown away and wish him luck.


  1. Christina Rae: Her kid is so cute. As for her voice….it is up there with the greats….Whitney, Diana, Celine…..and now we have Christina on that list. What a way to end the night. I am shooketh!

The judges think it was flawless and think she deserves to go to the next round.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!


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