Watch What Crappens Tour Begins Tonight

When the Watch What Crappens Live tour was postponed, their 3 million plus fans went into mourning. Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam, the witty, wily hosts of the hit podcast, decided that letting their fans down was not an option. This Friday, July 24, Watch What Crappens Live will air on IG Live, then Patreon, sharing more of their hilarious commentary about Bravo TV and whatever else. The show will be recapping the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York.


Since July, 2017, when Ben and Ronnie scored their first SRO live performance at the Gotham Comedy Club, the two have developed a cult following all around the country. The live podcasts sell out almost immediately, and shows had been booked well into late 2020. Fans (including some Bravo-lebrities themselves) would normally show up at theaters dressed in costumes, homemade t-shirts, or even a Patricia Caftan. Some fans even traveled hundreds of miles for the experience. Now, you can wear your caftan in the comfort of your own home and experience the hilarity that ensues when Ben and Ronnie take the mic.


Here’s the rundown. At 6pm PT, the show will kick-off with a 30-minute pre-show on Instagram Live (@watchwhatcrappens) to chat with viewers. At 6:30 PM, you’ll switch to a streaming feed on Patreon to watch their recap of this week’s Real Housewives of New York episode. The stream is available to their Patreon supporters at the Crappens on Demand level – a tier for people who pledge $5 per creation (although, as per Patreon’s rules, you may cap your donation at $5/month).

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During the recap, the streaming software allows people to leave comments as they watch, and Ben and Ronnie can read them on the fly – even put them right on screen. This makes for an incredibly interactive and fun experience.


“Doing a live show virtually is new to us, but we’re excited to be able to reach an entire new audience,” says Mandelker. “There are so many listeners that have been eagerly requesting that we perform in their cities, and we still haven’t even been able to get to so many places we want to go,” he continues. “Now they can experience a live show as well.” In addition to their live tours, listeners can tune in to five podcasts a week covering a variety of shows.


Watch What Crappens lampoons the weekly happenings and delicious drama of Bravo-lebrities, with the stars often appearing on their show. “We have such great fans, both within the Bravo community and outside,” says Karam. “We are truly grateful for their support, and we do this for them.”

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