Collector’s Call Sneak Peek

MeTV’s original series Collector’s Call airs Sundays at 9:30 PM ET/PT. The series moves to 10pm on July 12. Host Lisa Whelchel (Facts of Life) is back for the 26 episode season to meet with new collector’s across the country who will share their passion for pop culture memorabilia. In this series she meets some of the nation’s biggest collectors of pop culture memorabilia to give viewers an inside look at fascinating and rarely-seen private collections. 

“Meet Bryan Watkins” – (Lucille Ball)

Sunday, July 26 @ 10:00pm ET 

Bryan Watkins has been a Lucille Ball fan since childhood and has collected a range of items celebrating Lucy from rare memorabilia to precious personal possessions. He shares with us some of his most treasured acquisitions, including family portraits commissioned by Lucy; a bullfighter hat worn on screen by Desi Arnaz; a female I Love Lucy baby doll pulled from the shelves after she gave birth to a boy; and a mini-collection of in-store displays featuring Lucy as celebrity spokeswoman. Featured in the episode is Kieta, a memorabilia expert and fellow lover of Lucy, to appraise his collection. Kieta’s got a surprise up her sleeve — a hat worn by Lucy on screen, which she’s hoping to trade for one of Bryan’s treasures.

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