Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/21/2022: The House is Divided

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/21/2022: The House is Divided

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/21/2022: The House is Divided

This week’s Big Brother 24 on CBS kicks off with our two HOH’s Michael and Terrance picking their teams for thr week.


Michael/Team Big Brochella: Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor, Monte


Terrance/Team DyreFest: Turner, Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle


Michael hopes that Kyle goes after a Leftovers member so there won’t be blood on his hands. Of course, Kyle is still stuck between Alyssa and his alliance.


Team Brochella has a pizza and beer party, while DyreFest has to deal with porta-potties, sleeping outside and outdoor showers. Alyssa is not happy with this turn of events.


Terrance gets his letter from home and special outdoor HOH accommodations.


Later on, Terrance tells Turner he will be his main advisor this week, and then goes and tells Alyssa the same thing. It is obvious Kyle and Joseph are his targets at this point.


Jasmine tries to convince Michael to put up Monte instead of her this week, saying that she doesn’t want to go up on her birthday week. She says that Monte should go up and wonders if her bond with Michael is stronger than his bond with Taylor so that she can be safe.

However, she has no idea she is actually the target this week.


Monte, Michael, Brittany and Taylor think that the Leftovers will be safe, even though they worry about what Terrance is doing outside.

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Terrance, for his part, refuses to put Kyle and Alyssa up together because he promised Alyssa safety and has Joseph as a target….this is at least what he tells Turner. He actually tells Joseph the opposite, but Joseph doesn’t believe him.


Later on, he tells Alyssa he wants to use her as a pawn, but she is against this idea. He also talks to Kyl, who wonders if he is the pawn.


Kyle tells Alyssa about the Leftovers alliance and everything they have done so far. He also told her that Michael and Brittany plan on leaving the alliance and will be joining them and Turner to form a new alliance. Their plan is going to take out Monte, Turner and Joseph.


Terrance is also notified of this and plans to use this to his advantage at the nomination ceremony. He discusses this with Alyssa and then plans on putting Joseph and Turner on the block.


Monte volunteers to go on Michael’s block, which actually would work to his advantage later on in the game.


Terrance’s nominees: Turner and Joseph

Michael’s nominees: Jasmine and Monte


More Wednesday, stay tuned.


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