Celebrity Spotlight: Tristan Thomas

Tristan Thomas has incredible talent, smoldering good looks and a kind heart. He is an experienced actor, former military member and singer songwriter and has worked as miscellaneous crew on different projects. In short, he is the Jack (or Tristan) of all trades.

Now the General Hospital alum can be seen in Au Pair Nightmare, which is set to premiere this month. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Tristan talked about the movie and life, as well as what the future holds. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 

1. In the movie, Tristan plays the role of John, a doctor who finds himself compromising his code of ethics in order to help is wife and daughter. This leads to the au pair arriving and some very um, interesting adventures.

Tristan says the role was very fun to play, but also allowed him to be vulnerable and dark at times. You will need to tune in to see what that means.

2. For him, the biggest challenge was maintaining the vulnerability on what was also a very heavy role. He wanted to not only show the dark transformation, but also allow the character to breathe in a sense. He thinks the audience will understand and enjoy this once they begin watching the movie and become invested in the story.

3.Although it was a challenge, Tristan loved the transformation of his character and the journey he goes through during the movie. He teased that it definitely lives up to the longtime suspense and dram that Lifetime has been famous for throughout the years. 

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4. Now that the movie is getting ready to air, Tristan is hard at work on several other projects. He is still working on his music and also has a pilot in the works about the opioid crisis in America. He looks forward to sharing both with fans as soon as he can and looks forward to their reaction.

In addition, he is working on another super secret project…..so stay tuned!

5. He is a huge supporter of the military and first responders. As a veteran himself, he truly understands what they are going through and appreciates all the work that they do, especially in this day and age. He has nothing but respect and admiration for them as well.

Check your local listings for movie showtimes. 

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