The Biggest Loser Recap 3/17/2020: The Final Four

Biggest loser

Tonight is week eight of The Biggest Loser on USA Network. Last week, we saw Kim go home, where she continued to lose more weight and gain a new life.

We open with Steve and Micah having a man to man chat about Micah not reaching his potential. It is a bit of tough love, but it is what he needs, despite it being difficult. 

Today’s workout focuses on strength training and HIIT. It is similar to the last chance workout, but something Steve and Erica think will help them.

Bob sits them down to talk to them about going home. He reminds them that people at home care and surprises them with videos from home. Everyone is crying and Bob reminds them how important his support is for them. 

Competition time. It is a circuit challenge that will give the winner a 1 lb at the weigh in. Teri must sit out because of her injury. 

It is a tough race, but eventually it comes down Kristi and Micah in the top two, with Micah winning. 

Kristi: 7:38

Micah: 6:03

After an encouraging last chance workout, we get to the weigh in.  

Teri: 212-6=206 lbs and 2.83%

Jim: 300-10=290 lbs and 3.33%

Micah: 269-7-262 lbs-1 lb advantage and 2.97%

Kristi: 220-5=215 lbs and 2.27%

Kyle: 253-7=247 lbs and  2.77%

Kristi is below the red line and going home. 

We are two weeks from the finale and what… makeover week? That’s sad!

Kristi is now 198 lbs and looks amazing. She faced some challenges, but managed to achieve her workouts and do a 10K. 

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More next week, stay tuned. 


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