Celebrity Spotlight: Ethan William Childress 

Ethan William Childress 

Many television shows are family oriented, giving young actors the chance to shine. One show that is known for this is mixed-ish, which airs on ABC. The show revolves around the Johnson family and stars up and coming actor Ethan William Childress, who plays Johan.  

Although Ethan is very young, he’s got the talent, maturity and star quality of actors twice or triple his age. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine,  he discussed being on the show, who he wants to guest star and future roles he would like to play. Below are some of the highlights of our chat. 

1. He revealed that he loves being a part of the show and can relate to Johan in many ways. He says the are both energetic, curious guys who like adventure. He also finds the cast to be like one big family, something that makes the experience that much better.

2. Ethan always looks forward to seeing who will pop up on the show next. He has loved meeting and working with everyone who has guest starred on the show so far. However, there are some people he would love to see on the show in the future….Mariah Carey, Jason Momoa and Kevin Hart. He says it would be an honor to work with any one of them, especially Kevin.

3. While mixed-ish is his main project of the moment, he has big plans for the future. He quipped that his big dream would have been to be in Jumanji 2 and wishes they could edit him into the movie. He also plans on doing more acting and hopes that he can do some sort of superhero movie, preferably Superman, Aquaman or anything in the Marvel family. 

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4. In addition to acting, Ethan is a huge fan of gaming. He says that he would love to pursue gaming professionally in the future, while still working as an actor.  

5. Ethan says that he is looking forward to the new year. His resolutions this year include jus going with the flow and keep doing and being the best he can be. 

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