Jennifer Lopez Discusses 2020 Plans

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has had quite the 2019! She turned 50, got engaged to A-Rod and received several nominations for her role in Hustlers. Needless to say, we can assume that 2020 will be even better for the Selena star.

“You know what? For me it’s about growing every year… challenging myself, continuing to evolve in different ways just as a person, as a mom, as an entertainer too — all of it. How do I stretch my limits, because one of my big epiphanies of the year is that we are limitless… That’s what I want to teach my girl, my boy, my kids, and spread that message,” she told Extra in a recent interview.   “We really don’t have boundaries except the ones we put on ourselves.”

She also discussed her upcoming Super Bowl performance with Shakira.  “We already started rehearsals. We have a few weeks now to lock it all down. I’m excited to play a show I dreamed about for years as an artist, and to give a good show and have a good time.”

She also plans on looking ahead and continuing to do more. “I have to believe that there’s always more. There’s always more,” she told E! News. “So long as you keep growing as a person, there’s more to do as an artist. And I feel like that will never stop for me.”

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