Celebrity Spotlight: Victoria Park

The Flash’s  Victoria Park opens up to TVGrapevine about her career, life and more!

Tell me about yourself and career.

Sure! I’m a 2.5 generation Korean-American, born and raised in Chicago, IL. I aim to see the good in everything, and I love my pets, my people, good food, and the great outdoors. Career-wise, I’m primarily an actor, though I majored in film production and ultimately aim to both act and direct. I see myself as a storyteller, always, though the medium or method may change.


What is your role on the Flash?

I’ve had the great privilege of playing Kamilla Hwang for the past year. She’s Cisco’s girlfriend (and therefore part-time Team Flash member) and was more recently hired by Iris to be a photographer for the Central City Citizen.


What attracted you to the role?

When I first read the audition sides with my husband, he looked at me and said, “this girl is you”. That really freed me up to be myself and play in the audition room. Aside from being so similar, I love how dedicated Kamilla is – to Cisco, her team, and her photography/job. She’s loyal, passionate, loving, and brave. And she brings an often necessary lightness to the team.


What do you hope people like about it?

I hope people enjoy that positivity and lightness. That, her passion, and her willingness (and ability) to step in wherever needed make her a valuable member of the team… and show!


How do you want to see your character evolve?

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I’d love to delve more into her weaknesses. No person is perfect, and I’d love to be able to dig deeper and find the more well-rounded person within. I’m also looking forward to seeing her relationships with Cisco and the Team Citizen ladies grow and deepen as the show continues.


What else are you working on?

I just finished a short film I co-directed and DP’d called “To Borrow, To Keep”. It’s about a Cantonese-American woman struggling with the shame of her uncle’s gambling addiction. It’s so special to be able to tell a story that is more personal and representative of the Asian-American experience. Making the film was personally illuminating and healing in a lot of ways, and I hope viewers are able to resonate with it as well.


Tell me a fun fact about yourself?

I can probably quote the entirety of “Mean Girls” from start to finish, and I really love bread.


What are you watching on TV these days?

I just finished Schitt’s Creek, and I’m about halfway through Mad Men (throwback, I know). Watchmen and The Crown are next on my list!


Anything else you watching?

We just got Disney Plus, so we’ve been re-watching all of the Star Wars films in order to prepare for The Rise of Skywalker in a few weeks. *internal squeal* I can’t wait.


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