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SIREN – Siren Mermaid Museum – Freeform celebrates the upcoming mermaid drama “Siren,” with the opening of the Mermaid Museum in Hollywood, CA at Goya Studios. (Freeform/Troy Harvey)

Curtis Lum is one of the most talented men who is on TV today. He has appeared in both Siren and Supergirl, showing off his range of talent and captivating people all over the country.

He recently took time from his busy schedule to talk to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Curtis stars in the new series Siren, which airs on Freeform every Thursday night. The show is about a town called Bristol Cove that gets a visit from a mysterious girl who ends up wreaking havoc and turning their worlds upside down.

On the show, he plays a fisherman named Calvin who discovers a mermaid. This leads to said mermaid getting taken by the military, which in turn, leads to Calvin learning more about the world of mermaids.

Curtis hopes that people like the fact that the show took a mystical creature and has people guessing whether or not it can be real.

2. So who does he want to see guest star on the show? He not only has one special request, but even has a role in mind for the person. His wish is to have The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson on the show as a merman. However, if that role does not work out, he would just love to have him the show as any character. He thinks that nobody would want to mess with him and that he would be a great asset to the show.

3. In addition to Siren, Curtis appears on the hit CW series Supergirl. On that show, he plays the role of Agent Demos. He has been on the show since the beginning of this season and has already made  huge impact. He works with Supergirl and needless to say, there is a lot of action happening in his life!

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He thinks that the sky is the limit for where they can take Agent Demos in the future and hopes that he can continue to keep the world safe. (And of course have more action scenes!) He also says that the more they give him to do, the more fun he has on set.

4. Since he works on a superhero show, I had to ask the most obvious question…who is his favorite superhero? The answer was simple: BATMAN! He loves him because he is an intelligent,  self made man who has an interesting backstory on how he became a superhero. He also loves that he is a slick, dapper badass!

5. Although he is on two TV shows, Curtis rarely has time to watch TV himself! However, when he does get some downtime, he loves to watch Netflix and Black Mirror. His tastes run from some of the grittier shows to more comedic, depending on what he is in the mood for, but he always loves to fall asleep to Bojack Horseman.

Check your local listings for Siren and Supergirl showtimes!

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