Undercover Cheerleader: Meet Kayla Wallace

Kayla Wallace may be young, but she has accomplished more than most people her age and older. The Good Doctor star most recently starred in the Lifetime movie Undercover Cheerleader, which aired earlier this month. In the movie, Kayla played the role of Autumn, a young girl who transfers to a new high school. While there, she goes undercover in order to expose the mean girl culture led by the cheerleading squad. This leads to some dangerous actions that eventually puts her in danger.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the When Calls The Heart star revealed that she loved filming the movie and bonding with the cast. She had a particularly strong bond with Maddie Phillips, who played Kara. The two became close friends to the point where Kayla considered her to be soulmates. Their bond was very special and something she won’t soon forget.

As for filming, Kayla says she enjoyed working with the choreographer, whom she previously worked with in The Descendants movie. She has an extensive dance background as well, which made it easier for her to do the stunts and cheerleading moves required for the role. 

Kayla also admits there were some challenges in playing the role. For her, the biggest one was the fact that she was so similar to Autumn. While it made it easy to relate to her, it was hard not putting too much of herself into the role. 

Now that the film is airing, Kayla is hard at work on working on the newest season of When Calls The Heart. She will continue to succeed in her career and life and I am excited to see what else  she does in the future.

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