The Bachelorette Recap for 7/29/19

Tonight is the first part of The Bachelorette season finale on ABC. Last week, we saw Luke P interrupt the Rose Ceremony, get sent home again and then went into the Men Tell All. Tonight, we get into the rest of the Rose Ceremony and see who she chose to be her husband. We also are LIVE with Chris Harrison once again channeling Phil Donahue. 

Apparently, this is like nothing we have ever seen before. 

She is still upset over Luke and the guys wonder what will happen. She tells them this is so hard for her and then gives roses to Tyler and Jed, sending Peter home. 

She and Peter talk and says it was perfect and easy and he is her dream guy. She can’t stop crying and says it was nothing he did. He says this sucks and it hurts, but he has no regrets. They hug and say goodbye in tears. 

He is now with Chris and talks about how it hurts. He says he was very much in love with her and she is amazing. He is grateful for the experience and admits this isn’t easy. 

His parents are even there…, why? His mom is crying over this too. We talk about this quite a bit and then Chris reveals Hannah is here tonight.

Hannah comes out and they discuss what happened and how it wasn’t anything he did, it was something she figured out that morning. They seem to be on good terms and admit they had sex in the windmill FOUR times.

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Four for Pilot Peter….good for you, Pilot Peter, you go Pilot Peter.


Now we have our final two….Jed and Tyler.

Hannah meets up with her family before introducing them to Tyler. They talk about the experience on the show and the possibilities of what could happen. They seem to like him and she tells him she is falling in love with him. He loves her back.

Jed then meets her family and it seems like they aren’t quite as impressed with him. Heck, she even seems to be having doubts. They question Jed quite a bit and the whole thing seems a bit awkward. Her father especially worries about him not having direction and being out of place financially. Hannah isn’t happy with his reaction. 

Oh, and Jed wrote a jingle for a dog food commercial.

Hannah and Jed talk about what is happening and he wants to hear everything because he loves her. She is upset and confused and says this is why you don’t date two people at once. She is more confused than ever at this point. 

Before she makes her decision, she goes on one more date with each guy. Tyler is first and they do another horseback riding adventure. It seems to go better this time and he seems to have conquered his fear of horses. They also discuss their time with her family and how they are growing as a couple. He is very excited about a future with her. She feels as if she will be taken care of. 

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They then spend some more time together at his ‘crib’ and discuss their future before going ‘upstairs.’

The next day, Hannah and Jed have their final date on a boat. She gets seasick due to the boat and being so stressed. They talk a bit, but the date in itself seems awkward and she still seems confused.

They spend more time together at night but we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens.  Word on the street is that it is the most dramatic ending ever. Stay tuned. 

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