The Bachelorette Recap for 7/1/19

Tonight is  a huge night on ABC’s The Bachelorette. This episode determines who goes on next week’s hometown dates, which allows Hannah to meet the parents of her final four suitors. 

Jed gets the first one on one and the guys joke how they hope he didn’t bring his guitar. The two of them go exploring, eat and canoodle. There is also some dancing involved, as well as a nice, friendly chat with an older couple. 

At dinner, the two of the discuss their growing feelings and how she is developing feelings for multiple guys. It is actually sweet and he admits he is falling for her. She then gives him a rose, guaranteeing him a hometown date.

Tyler gets the next date and they also go exploring….on horseback. They also do some sort of food tasting that causes Tyler to cough up his food. They also talk a lot and how he keeps getting into his head during this process. She wants to know all the details and he is glad he is finally able to open up to her. 

At dinner, they discuss the day and he talks about his family. They agree a good marriage needs good communication. He gets a rose.

Mike gets the third one on one, which means Luke, Connor, Garrett and Peter are on the group date. 

Connor goes to talk to Hannah. He knows this is a big week and says he is disappointed to have not gotten a one on one. He also admits he is falling in love and excited to see where their future goes. She tells him she isn’t feeling it and sends him home. He is upset that she thinks this big move was too little too late and that she is still willing to put up with Luke. 

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At the house, the guys discuss Connor going to see Hannah and Luke feels as if Connor is not Hannah’s future husband.

Hannah and Mike go biking. They also have their portrait drawn, which is kind of cute. They also discuss the future and she seems to appreciate his openness and honesty. Things seem to be going well, but before they have dinner, she says she had a revelation and sends him home.  He handles it with such class and grace….PLEASE MAKE HIM THE NEXT BACHELOR!

MORE LUKE DRAMA! Nope, nope and nope. I’m SO not recapping that, especially when he acts like a prick when Mike’s suitcase is taken away. 

On the group date, Hannah spends some time with Luke, causing Garrett and Peter to joke about taking the roses and running. They complain about Luke. 

Luke for his part complains about the other guys. She sees issues, but she is confused about what is truly going on. 

All anyone wants to do is Talks bout Luke. Jeez and crackers, I am sick of it. 

Luke did NOT just throw bologna at Garrett and get in his face. If Hannah keeps him tonight, I’m going to go crazy. Then Luke goes to talk to Peter about it, causing yet another conflict. 

Peter gets a rose. The guys (minus Luke) celebrate as if he scored a touchdown. 

Luke tells Hannah his finding God in the shower story and how he used to chase sex and drink excessively. They kiss and I tune out because I am sick of him. 

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After taking time to think, she gives out the last rose….to Luke. She sends Garrett home and apologizes.  She will also never forget him. 

Hometowns next week, stay tuned. 

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