Celebrity Spotlight: Anne-Marie Johnson

Anne-Marie Johnson is probably one of the most familiar faces in Hollywood. she has appeared in many television shows, including Days of Our Lives, Castle and For The People. She captivated audiences with each performance and always leaves us wanting more. 

Now this amazing character actress is starring in a brand new series for NBC called The InBetween. The show premieres tonight and promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It combines supernatural, drama and crime, making it appealing to a wide variety of viewers. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Anne-Marie gushed over how much she loved playing the role of Lt. Elizabeth Swanstrom. She revealed that the role was originally intended for a man, but she is thrilled that they decided to cast her. She hopes that people watch and fall in love with the other female lead, Harriet Dyer, who plays Cassie Bishop. She also hopes people like character as well.

She is especially honored to do the role because she comes from a family of cops. In fact, her father was a Sergeant for the LAPD. 

Anne-Marie’s love for police work goes far beyond hr acting and being part of a family of cops. She is also working with the LAPD on a super-secret project that will bring a brand new show on television. She could not give out much information about the project, but says that it is on the realm of the hit series Unsolved Mysteries. 

Anne-Marie will continue to succeed due to her talent, drive and heart. I look forward to seeing what her future has in store. 

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