Dance Town Family Reacts to AGT Return

This season of America’s Got Talent has been full of surprises. Not only did we have Simon Cowell temporarily step down due to an injury, but we had acts from all around the world perform during the COVID-19 pandemic. This caused a lot of social distancing issues and challenges for many of the acts, especially if they had to work in close proximity.


One of the biggest surprises, however, was Dance Town Family. This Miami based act not only wowed audiences with their impressive dance moves, but they managed to figure out how to practice while still following social distance protocols.


Tonight, they make a surprise return after being eliminated in the quarterfinals, thanks to being chosen as a wildcard act. It was a happy turn of events for their fans, but no one was happier than their fearless leader Manny. In a pre-show interview with TVGrapevine, he says that getting that call from AGT was an incredible moment for them. He admits there was a lot of screaming, hugging and cheering when they got the phone call….but then it was straight to work.


So how did they prepare for the show while still maintaining the COVID-19 protocols? It was a bit challenging, Manny admitted, but it was something important to them so they did what they had to do in order to appropriately prepare. Manny revealed that they would not only wear masks, but practice ten to fifteen people at a time in order to maintain proper social distancing. This proved to be difficult (especially when it came to wearing the masks while dancing), but he says it is all worthwhile in the end because now they have one more chance to make their dreams come true.

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Best of luck to them tonight!

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