Redbox’s Halloween Movie Survey

0 conducted a Halloween survey of more than 1,200 members of the Redbox Customer Panel.

The survey was conducted Sept. 11 – Sept. 18, 2018.

Favorite Family Friendly Halloween Movie, Ranked Top 5

1.    Hocus Pocus

2.    It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

3.    Beetlejuice

4.    The Nightmare Before Christmas

5.    Hotel Transylvania

Scariest Movie Ever Seen, Ranked Top 5

1.    The Exorcist

2.    The Silence of the Lambs

3.    The Ring

4.    The Shining

5.    Saw


By the way… Hocus Pocus, celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, is available at Redbox and The Exorcist, celebrating its 45th anniversary, is available on Redbox On Demand. At this time, both titles are not available via Netflix streaming.


More tidbits…

·Almost half a century after it’s release, and coinciding with the film’s 45th anniversary, “The Exorcist” is still the scariest movie responders have ever seen.

·Staying home and watching a scary movie (37%) edged out trick or treating (31%) as respondents favorite way to spend Halloween, while understandably parents with children at home prefer trick or treating (53%) over watching a scary movie (26%).

·When watching scary movies, most responders (41%) prefer to have their significant other with them.

·When given the option to choose popcorn or Halloween candy as their favorite snack while watching a scary movie, popcorn was the clear winner for 72% of responders.

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