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The Amazing Race Recap for 11/18/2020: Double Legs

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race kicks off with the remaining teams heading from Paris to Berlin via train. The first clue of the night is at the East Side Gallery, which is part of the Berlin Wall. Everyone is on the same train, putting them on an even playing field. However, once they arrive, they all get into different taxis, so it becomes anyone’s game.



Will and James are in the lead and are the first to find the clue. They must head to a mini disco called

Teledisko via Trabant. However, Gary and DeAngelo manage to arrive first. Once they are there, they must dance until the lights come back on and collect a picture. One by one, the teams arrive, but Kaylynn and Haley seem to be struggling and falling behind again. Eswar and Aparna and Leo and Alana also get lost on their way to the disco.


DeAngelo and Gary finish the first task and get their next clue. Now they must head to Andel’s Hotel, where they must rappel across and then do a puzzle. They also have the chance to use the Yield, but they decline.



Hung and Chee and Maddison and Riley are not too far behind, but all three teams end up missing the unscrambling puzzle. DeAngelo and Chee agree to share the answer with each other, depending on which person finishes first. Riley and Maddison decide to wait for Will and James, even though Chee gave them the answer as well.

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Detour! The teams can either Belt it Out by singing a song called If I Were a Chicken or Belch it Out, which requires them to teach beer yoga. DeAngelo and Gary, jump into the first available taxi, which upsets Chee and Hung because they helped them earlier.


Leo and Alana and Eswar and Aparna help each other with the Roadblock, but Leo refuses to help Haley and Kaylynn. The girls decide not to help him and Alana in the future.


One by one, the teams arrive at the Detour. DeAngelo and Gary, Hung and Chee and Maddison and Riley do the Belch it Out Detour, while Will and James, Leo and Alana and Eswar and Aparna choose Belt it Out. While most of the teams struggle, everyone completes it and head to the Pit Stop at Neukolln.



1st place: DeAngelo and Gary….they win $7,500 each

2nd place: Riley and Maddison

3rd place: Hung and Chee–they don’t regret helping their fellow teammates, but plan to be more mindful of this in the future.

4th place: Will and James

5th place: Eswar and Aparna

6th place: Leo and Alana



Haley and Kaylynn continue to struggle, staying in last place. They finally ask for help on the Roadblock and get the correct answer. They head to the Detour, then the Pit Stop, where they find out they are in a non elimination leg. This surprises them and their teammates, who are shocked to see them as the next leg begins.


This hour, they head to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Once there, they must go to Kazakhfilm Studio. DeAngelo and Gary want the alliance to all make it to the next round, but unbeknownst them, they are upsetting Hung and Chee due to not offering help after receiving it. James and Will also hope someone in their alliance uses the Yield on someone else.

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Everyone arrives at the same time, so they all get their clues together. Haley and Kaylynn also get their speed bump. The Detour choices are Great Khan Spy (watching a scene on set and doing a test) or Knock Out Guy (performing a stunt). In addition, Kaylynn and Haley must put prosthetic beards on one another.



Hung and Chee and Leo and Alana do the Great Khan Spy Detour, but end up struggling. This gives Haley and Kaylynn a leg up once they do their speed bump. Everyone else does the Knock Out Guy Detour.


Riley and Maddison finish first, so they are told to head to Nomad Village, Karasay District. Gary and DeAngelo struggle, causing them to fight. Hung and Chee finally finish and head to the Nomad Village, Karasay District as well. One by one, the teams catch up, save for Leo and Alana, who fall further behind. They fall even further behind when Kaylynn and Haley use the Yield on them. They must wait twenty minutes before completing the next task.


Once the teams arrive at the Nomad Village, Karasay District, they must decorate the inside of a yurt. Will and James complete it first and must head to Zelenyi Bazaar.Once there they head to the Pit Stop at President’s Park.


The teams continue to work on the task and one by one head to the next destination and then the pit stop. Alana and Leo realize that Haley and Kaylynn used the Yield and tell them they only hate them a little bit.

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Pit Stop! It is a very close race and once they check in, they find out that the next leg is a Mega Leg with double everything.


1st place: Will and James–WON A TRIP TO VEGAS!

2nd place: Riley and Maddison

3rd place: Hung and Chee

4th place: DeAngelo and Gary

5th place: Kaylynn and Haley

6th place: Eswar and Aparna

Eliminated: Leo and Alana

More next week, stay tuned.

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