The Amazing Race Recap for It's Not Over Until Phil Sings

The Amazing Race Recap for It’s Not Over Until Phil Sings

The Amazing Race Recap for It’s Not Over Until Phil Sings

This week’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Guatape, Colombia. Once they arrive, they must climb 60 stories up El Penon de Guatape to get their next clue.


One by one, the teams leave in the order they arrived to the previous Pit Stop.


Detour! The options are Bandeja Paisa, which has them prepare three plates of the meal and Yipao, which has them loading a Jeep with furniture. As the teams arrive, they all opt for the cooking detour. In order to accomplish it, they have to travel to the location via water taxi. They then must match pictures to find their stations.


Sunny gets a call and learns her grandmother died the night before.


Sunny and Bizzy and Anthony and Bailey choose the Yipao detour. They are the only ones to choose this detour.


During the water taxi trip, Shelisa talks about being a cancer survivor and how she is on the show to show fellow survivors and grandparents they can do anything.

Juan recalls his life in Colombia and calls his return to the country bittersweet.


Michelle and Sean switch detours.


Angie and Danny’s taxi runs into maintenance problems, putting them behind.


Ricky and Cesar finish and head to El Cordero de Guatape.


Angie and Danny and Kishori and Karishma finally arrive to their detours and agree to help each other.

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Sunny and Bizzy switch detours as well.


Kishori and Karishma are concerned about the cooking detour since it requires them to use meat and they are vegan and vegetarian, respectively.  They ask Derek and Shelisa for help, calling them mom and dad.


Anthony and Bailey and Michelle and Sean struggle with their detour.


Rod and Leticia must redo their cooking detour since their first attempt isn’t up to par.


Derek and Shelisa pass on their first try and get the clue to go to El Cordero de Guatape.


Anthony and Bailey and Michelle and Sean both decide to switch detours. However, the former team gets overwhelmed and wonder if they should switch again. They decide to switch again, putting them even further behind.


Rod and Leticia finish their detour and move to the next location.


One by one, the teams continue to finish their detours.


Roadblock! The teams must choose one member to harvest and process Arabica beans.


Kishori and Karishma must redo their detour dishes.


Anthony and Bailey switch again and get even more overwhelmed.


The remaining teams continue to complete the detours and head to the roadblock.


Ricky and Cesar finish the roadblock and head to Casa Loma Fina Cafetera for the pit stop. They become the first team to check in and win a trip to Capetown, South Africa.


The remaining teams arrive at the roadblock and decide that Leticia, Sunny, Vinny, Melissa and Kishori will complete it for their respective teams. Angie and Danny arrive soon after, with Angie completing it for her team.

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Vinny and Amber become the second team to check in as Anthony and Bailey finally do the detour.


Angie and Danny struggle with the roadblock.


The teams finish the roadblock one by one and head to the pit stop, with several of them getting lost.


Derek and Shelisa finally make it to the pit stop as team number 3.

Juan and Shane are the fourth team to check in.

Rod and Leticia are team number five.

Yvonne and Meissa are team number six, followed by Sunny and Bizzy, who become the seventh team to make it to the pit stop.

Kishori and Karishma are the eighth team to check in.


Sean and Michelle struggle with the hill on the roadblock. However, they finally get down it and Michelle begins the task.


Anthony does the roadblock for his team.


Angie and Danny are the ninth team to check in.


Michelle and Anthony finish at the same time, making the race to the pit stop very close. However, Michelle and Sean get their first, meaning Anthony and Bailey are eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned.

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