Young Sheldon Recap for A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy

Young Sheldon Recap for A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy

Young Sheldon Recap for A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy

The episode opens with Mary and Sheldon arguing about him touring Europe. She thinks it is unsafe, but he thinks that he will be fine. He storms off in anger. Mary sits down and reads a letter from George, where he fills her in on the phone bill being a whopper and things going on in the house.


The letter highlights include: Missy is hogging the bathroom, which upsets George and Georgie. George also tries to bond with CeeCee, but she cries, upsetting Mandy.


Missy goes to meet with Taylor, her new friend. George wants to meet her, and Missy promises to introduce them soon.


In another letter, Mary talks about her fight with Sheldon, who snuck out on a train tour. George tells her in another letter that MeeMaw is struggling after losing her house. MeeMaw, for her part, tells George he is being cheap for writing letters as she steals a beer. He then suggests she write one herself.


Sheldon plans his escape. Mary asks him if he wants anything, but he shoos her away. He then writes a letter to Missy to reveal his secret of sneaking out.

MeeMaw writes her own letter, where she says she is living with Dale, who is driving her crazy with his guitar playing.


Georgie brings in the mail, which has a magazine with Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett on the cover. He comments on the letters, which Mandy finds romantic. Georgie offers to write her letters, but she says not to because his spelling makes her sad. He argues that he only uses small words.

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Once George is alone again, he eats and reads the letter from Mary, which she compares to a love affair.

She then asks if Taylor is a boy or a girl, which makes George realize Missy is pulling a fast one on him.


George writes back and sends pictures and letters….and confirms Taylor is a boy. There is a flashback to George flipping out on Missy about Taylor, who says he doesn’t like her like that because he is gay. George says they can hang out, which he tells Mary in another letter. Missy tells Taylor that she told George he is gay for a cover story and they make out.


Dale yells at MeeMaw for hiding his guitar. She makes him promise to not constantly play the same song, so they come up with a compromise.


Sheldon leaves for his trip, under the guise of going to the library….which is the cover story he tells Mary.

Once on the train, he talks to a conductor in German, leaving him confused.


Georgie writes a letter to Mandy and asks a patron of the casino if watching a woman shower is romantic or creepy. When he says romantic, Georgie adds that to the letter.


Dale is awakened by MeeMaw snoring. He tries to put a stop to it, only to wake her up and causes another argument.


Sheldon writes to Missy on the train and gets off to get a snack, only to be left behind and stranded. He calls Missy to explain what happened, but she hangs up to take a call from Taylor.

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Mandy reads Georgie’s letter. He asks her about it and she admits it’s creepy, but slyly says he can watch her shower.


Sheldon tells two cops his situation, but they ask him to call Mary. He says he lied to her and ends up having to walk back.


George walks in on Georgie and Mandy in the shower.


Mary writes a spicier letter to George when Missy calls to tell her about Sheldon. Mary is confused, then angry that Sheldon lied. She calls the cops while Sheldon finally walks back home….but not before running into a wild dog. He tries to say that he was attacked on the way home from the library and she tells him to lay down. She is making him think he got away with it so the guilt can eat away at him….which is what he does to Missy when she takes Taylor to her room.


Dale goes to sleep in another room, leading to yet another argument with MeeMaw.


The episode ends with Dale and MeeMaw in bed together, with him in earmuffs….and farting.


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