Dancing With The Stars 30: Horror Night Recap

Dancing With The Stars 30: Horror Night Recap
DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Horror Night" - It's "Horror Night" on "Dancing with the Stars," and viewers are in for a real treat as the remaining couples Monster Mash their way back to the ballroom for a fang-tastic night as they compete another week for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. The Halloween-themed episode airs live, MONDAY, OCT. 25 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) JIMMIE ALLEN, EMMA SLATER
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Dancing With The Stars 30: Horror Night Recap

Tonight is Horror Night on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Tyra Banks hosts, while Len Goodman, Derek Hough, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba judge.


Celebrity: The Miz

Claim to Fame: WWE/Reality star

Pro: Witney Carson

Dance: Paso Doble

Song:  “Wicked Games” by RAIGN (inspired by “Hellraiser”)

Sammi: First of all, the kiddos are soooo cute. The outfits are amazing, the technique is spot on and he has shown that he is putting his all into this dance. He is here to stay, NO QUESTION.

Len:  He nailed it!

Derek: He is aggressive and does better every week.

Bruno: He compliments him, but also tells him to work on his hands.

Carrie Ann: It was amazing ans she loved it.

Scores: 9-8-9-8=34/40



Celebrity: Kenya Moore

Claim to Fame: Real Housewives of Atlanta

Pro: Brandon Armstrong

Dance: Argentine Tango

Song:   “Take My Breath” by The Weeknd (inspired by “Arachnophobia”)

Sammi: Kenya is GOALS! Between her dancing, her legs, her sass and everything else….WOW. I want to be her when I grow up.

Derek: It was wobbly, but still stunning.

Bruno: It was beautiful and deadly.

Carrie Ann: She has so much power and did a spectacular job.

Len:They spun a web that created the power of the dance.

Scores: 8-8-8-8=32/40

Celebrity: JoJo Siwa

Claim to Fame: Dance Moms, YouTube and Nickelodeon star

Pro: Jenna Johnson


Song: “Anything Goes” by District 78 ft. Patrice Covington (inspired by “IT”)

Sammi:  Whoa….this one had me completely on the edge of my seat. It wasn’t just a dance, but it was a SHOW in itself. I am in awe of these two.

Bruno: It was brilliant.

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Carrie Ann: She loves how she keeps pushing herself further and further.

Len: They were able to capture the flavor of IT.

Derek: It was done beautifully.



Celebrity: Cody Rigsby

Claim to Fame: Peloton Dude

Pro: Cheryl Burke

Dance:  Cha cha cha

Song:  “There Will Be Blood” by Kim Petras (inspired by “American Psycho”)

Sammi: This is their best dance to date. I am completely impressed with how the two of them completely SLAYED the dance floor. This is completely old school Cheryl choreography and I am HERE FOR IT!

Carrie Ann: She is scared for all the right reasons.

Len: He has been waiting for this breakout moment.

Derek: This is best dance.

Bruno: He is guilty of murder on the dance floor.

Scores: 9-9-9-9=36/40



Celebrity: Jimmie Allen

Claim to Fame: American Idol star

Pro: Emma Slater

Dance: Contemporary

Song:   “Say Something” by Daniel Jang (inspired by “A Quiet Place”)

Sammi: I have always been a huge fan of contemporary, but never would have thought to have it with a horror theme. This dance proved me wrong. I was almost in tears due to the absolute chilling feeling I got from watching them. I am SHOOK.

Len: He loved it!

Derek: It was emotional and powerful.

Bruno: He loved how he became the character.

Carrie Ann:  Dances like this are why she loves the show.

Scores: 10-9-10-9=38/40



Celebrity: Olivia Jade

Claim to Fame:   Influencer

Pro: Val Chmerkovskiy

Dance:  Paso Doble

Song:  “Beggin’” by Måneskin (inspired by “The Purge”)

Sammi:  She just proved she DOES NOT belong in the bottom two at all. She really brought everything into her performance tonight and Val really helped showcase her dancing and improvement.

Derek: That was a redemption from being in the bottom two last week

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Bruno: She did a great job, but watch the shoulders.

Carrie Ann: It was effortless.

Len: She came back to life this week.

Scores: 9-9-9-9=36/40


Celebrity: Melora Hardin

Claim to Fame: The Office/Bold Type star

Pro: Artem Chigvinstev

Dance: Jive

Song:   “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley (inspired by “Cujo”)

Sammi: I love how much Melora loves her parents! As for the dance, she really proved tonight that she is here to stay and has the whole package to make her stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Bruno:  It was absolutely delicious.

Carrie Ann: It was a great performance, but she wants MORE.

Len: It was a great mix of quality and quantity.

Derek: He loved it, but also wants more.

Scores: 8-9-8-9=34/40


Celebrity: Iman Shumpert

Claim to Fame: NBA/Reality star

Pro: Daniella Karagach

Dance: Contemporary

Song: “I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix from US)” by Luniz ft. Michael Marshall (inspired by “US”)

Sammi: BEST DANCE in the history of the show. NO QUESTION! Holy Toledo, that was jaw dropping, amazing and left me in awe.

Carrie Ann: She bowed down to him and cheered in joy.

Len: It was fantastic and terrific.

Derek: He jumps up and down Tom Cruise style.

Bruno:  It was a masterpiece.



Celebrity: Suni Lee

Claim to Fame: Olympic gymnast

Pro: Sasha Farber

Dance: Tango

Song:  “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran (inspired by “The Vampire Diaries”)

Sammi: The two of them are adorable together and she is really showing improvement in terms of her technique. I just want to see more of her personality to make her really shine because she definitely has that IT factor.

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Len:It was a bit hit and miss, but overall well done.

Derek: The frame was beautiful, but he wants more power.

Bruno: Tonight she had bite and enhanced the drama.

Carrie Ann: She can tell she is having more fun.

Scores: 9-9-9-9=36/40



Celebrity: Amanda Kloots

Claim to Fame: The Talk host/Former Rockette

Pro: Alan Bersten

Dance: Argentine Tango

Song:   “Paint It, Black” by Ciara (inspired by “SAW”)

Sammi:What a way to end the night! I have no idea how they do it each week, but just when I think they have done their best dance, they surprise me by topping their previous performance.

Derek: He loved seeing her challenge herself this week.

Bruno: The whole thing was great.

Carrie Ann: She can tell she is pushing herself.

Len: It was lacking content.

Scores: 9-9-10-10=38/40


RESULTS! Iman and Daniella, Olivia and Val, JoJo and Jenna, Cheryl and Cody, The Miz and Witney, Amanda and Alan, Jimmie and Emma and Melora and Artem are safe.


Suni and Sasha and Kenya and Brandon are in the bottom two.


Carrie Ann votes to save Suni and Sasha.

Derek votes to save Suni and Sasha.

Bruno votes to save Suni and Sasha.


Kenya and Brandon are eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned!

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