Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Devil’s Hot Tub

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Devil’s Hot Tub

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Devil's Hot Tub

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Devil’s Hot Tub

The episode opens with Kemi sitting with Gloria and Abishola at lunch. She talks about her wedding, but the other ladies are snarky about the details…until it comes to the topic of who will be maid of honor. After a ton of fanfare, it is Abishola. She is delighted, until Kemi says she wants a Vegas wedding.


Gloria likes this idea, but makes them promise not to give her her debit card while there. Abishola argues over the untraditional wedding going against their culture, making Kemi decide to choose Gloria instead. Gloria passes, putting Abishola back in the role.


Kofo holds a meeting with the MaxDot staff, presenting an idea that came to him in the bathtub. Doug and Dottie make fun of him before he continues with the presentation. Goodwin tells them the factory workers are going to strike due to unsatisfactory working conditions, which Christina tries to be sympathetic about, but the other Wheelers say there is no reason to strike and they will come back once they lose everything. However, Bob is troubled by it all.


Later on, Abishola tells Bob about the maid of honor debacle, which Bob pretends to listen to because he is still focused on work.


Kemi and Chuey discuss wedding plans with his mom, which leads to more wedding debating and them trying to figure out a plan that will work for everyone. However, Chuey’s mom upsets Kemi by making a crack about her age.

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Kofo, Goodwin, Doug and Dottie try to figure out what to do about the strike. Goodwin tells Target they won’t be affected by the strike, while the others figure out how to make things work. Christina, for her part, is on the picket line in solidarity until Bob drags her off, telling her that her job is on the line.


At the hospital, the ladies continue to argue over the wedding. Kemi asks Abishola to be honest about her being too old for Chuey, which leads to her having a breakdown and storming off. Gloria wonders why Abishola had to open her mouth.


Bob and Goodwin continue to work on a deal with the strikers. Goodwin suggests bringing in replacement workers, while Bob sarcastically suggests they burn the place down and collect insurance money.

As they debate, Kemi comes in to ask Bob’s advice about being older than Abishola. They have a heart to heart, with Bob suggesting that Chuey loves her for her and that she no longer has to hide under her wig and makeup.

That night, Bob brings Abishola flowers and thanks her for choosing him. They share a loving moment, where she says she loves him but misses his tummy pillow.


Kemi shows Chuey how she looks without her makeup and wig. He says he is waiting for this day to see the real her and that he loves her for her, not how she looks. He then shows her his mouth guard, which he wears when she goes to sleep.

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Bob works on the numbers (while drinking) when Dottie comes in, offering to resign in order to keep the company going. He protests, but she says she is ready to retire. They share a sweet moment with her drinking scotch out of the bottle….as the episode comes to a close.

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