Vanderpump Rules Recap for 2/7/2024

Vanderpump Rules Recap for 2/7/2024

Vanderpump Rules Recap for 2/7/2024

-Sandoval is back from filming Special Forces and is upset that Schwartz is talking shit about him on a podcast…..this is so….on brand for him.

-Who is Ann? I never remember her being an assistant before.

-Happy birthday, Sandoval!

-The white sound machine is so Ariana and her friends won’t be able to hear Sandoval talking? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.

-Ann reminds me of Xochitl Gomez….the smile and the hair especially. So cute!

-Couldn’t Ariana and Sandoval compromise about the party? Can’t he have it at the bar instead of at home? Or if he promises to clean up, she do a spa weekend or something? Since they both live in and own the house, it isn’t right for one to have power over the other….although Sandoval really should have talked to her about it. Maybe say, ‘look, I want to have a party at the house, I know things are weird, but if you want to be here, fine, if not, we can work something out.’ Then again, I am expecting maturity here….which is wrong on my part.

-Seeing James so sad over losing Graham the dog breaks my heart.

-Ariana is threatening to call the cops on Sandoval for having a party in the house he also owns? ::Headdesk:: I don’t even LIKE Sandoval for what he did, but this is a bit extreme.

-At least Sandoval is now willing to compromise, which is mature on his part.

-Lala is being the voice of reason and saying more or less what I am saying.

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-I get that buying one another out or selling the house is a complicated process, but if she is that unhappy, can’t she rent an apartment or stay with Katie for a bit until the house is sold? Or they both rent places/stay with someone until the house is sold? Also, why isn’t the house on the market by now?

-I’m 40 with no kids and unmarried, nothing wrong with it!

-Lisa’s event has a bunch of drama because of course it does.

-I am glad Scheana is doing music again and not letting the haters bring her down.

-The Toms have so much tension that I wonder if they will ever become friends again.

-Seeing Scheana struggle with motherhood is so heartbreaking. She seems so sensitive and as if she wants what is best for Summer that it hurts her that she isn’t the perfect mom.

-Ally doing birth charts is so unexpected…’s a cool thing to see, but not something I expected from her.

-Everyone is way too involved in this Scandoval aftermath.

-This party seems super boring.

-I know this group is supposedly really tight, but it would annoy me if people were all up in my business all the time.

-Tom’s party is like a who’s who….like who the bleep are all you people. James has some of the best one liners.

-Sandoval and James trying to have a heart to heart is wonderful, but it should not have been done during the party. Especially since it ended in a fight.

-More next week….as we end with James peeing on the bushes of the Scandoval home.

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