AGT Fantasy League Recap for 2/6/2024

AGT Fantasy League Recap for 2/6/2024

AGT Fantasy League Recap for 2/6/2024

This is the final night of competition before the AGT: Fantasy League. finale.  Terry Crews hosts, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Simon Cowell judge.


Grace Good—Heidi

She is hoping to bring her routine to the next level to impress Simon. This time, she is on a fiery hoop as she performs, adding a smaller hoop with more fire….and then she swallows fire! WOW, this is next level indeed.

The judges love it, with Howie calling it her best yet.


Kseniya Simonova—Howie

She uses snow instead of sand this time and will also add color. She talks about her struggle to become a mom, this time giving narration…adding socks at the end to symbolize her son.

I am in tears….and the judges find it moving and beautiful.


Darci Lynne—Heidi

She is performing sans puppets and focusing on her new music. It is so nice to see this side of her personality and talent….I miss the puppets, but Darci Lynne all grown up is something to watch for in the future.

The judges enjoy this side of her, but Mel wonders if it was a mistake to leave her puppets behind.


Musa Motha—Simon

He is back with another dance, this time live. Last time, he had to perform remotely due to visa issues.

His performance was incredible the first go round, but tonight it is next level. The dance is beautiful, emotional and his voiceover about the impossible being possible was icing on the cake….so much that Simon gives him the Golden Buzzer.

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Sheldon Riley—Mel

This time he performs an upbeat song called Golden Hour for a nice change of pace. He manages to make it his own with his personality and personal flair, making it even more special.

While the ladies enjoyed him, the guys think it was a bit off.


Ardian Stoica and Hurricane—Simon

This time, it is a dream sequence based on the video game they were playing together. It is such a cool concept and idea…I love these two and hope they make it through because they are just that much fun to watch.

The judges love it and are impressed with them.


Yu Hojin—Heidi

It is a romance-themed act that involves pictures of Heidi, roses and storytelling. It is a cute act and shows a different way of telling a story through magic. I love his stage presence and how he commands the stage.

Mel and Simon are confused, but Heidi and Howie enjoyed it.


Chapel Hart—Simon

They do another original song which reminds me of a country version of Independent Women from Destiny’s Child. The song is fun, their personalities shine and everything about them is just on fire…it is by far my favorite of the night.

The judges find them to be the real deal and that they are going places.


  1. Unbeatable—Howie

They were always one of my favorites. I had no idea their uniforms and performances honored a team member that died.

They add even more tricks and danger tonight with twirling structures, swinging and all sorts of moves. I have no idea how they came up with it but I love is….as does Heidi, who steals them with her Golden Buzzer.

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Shadow Ace—Howie

They make a funny act with Simon as the star….it is not what I expected to see from him, but it kind of works, especially since Simon gave him  so much grief in the past. I kind of like it….despite this not being my kind of humor.

The judges found it funny and think he has a chance to make it to the next round.


The top three acts are Kseniya, Adrian and Hurricane and Shadow Ace, with Shadow Ace making it to the next round.

More next week, stay tuned.

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