The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 12/19/2023

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 12/19/2023

-At least Heather and Monica made amends for at least five minutes?

-Meredith really needed Seth to tell her that this is all problematic? REALLY?

-Somehow, these women playing tennis is going to be a bad idea, especially since they are picturing each other as the tennis balls.

-Writing about a boudoir photoshoot isn’t exactly talking about you sex life, Whitney!

-Who shaves their legs on a bus? That is certainly…..a choice.

-I hope nobody ends up with shoes overboard….or sleeping with the fishes.

-Wait, so Meredith is accusing Monica of starting Mafia-Gate? It’s based on a random conversation the two of them had over lunch?

-Can I talk after the taco? This is such a mood. Food first, gossip later.

-I don’t understand why Monica is being blamed for the DMs Meredith got? Did she hire some rando to send them?

-At least Lisa knows this is BS and is defending Monica.

-Lisa accusing Meredith of lying and yelling at her happens at least once a season…..all over lies Meredith allegedly told.

-Everyone thinks Meredith is a liar….so maybe Meredith should look at her own behavior.

-Did they all forget the fight to go swimming?

-Angie knows this is all BS and seems to just be humoring Meredith at this point by letting her talk.

-Now everything is forgotten in favor of random, out of nowhere sex talk with Heather shaming Whitney.

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-Whitney and Monica are teaming up to take Meredith down.

-28,802 selfies…..I don’t think I will ever take that many selfies in a lifetime… pictures of my pets and goddaughters on the other hand…..

-Heather having facial paralysis is so sad…..and the story is in her book.

-If I had a shot for every time Heather mentioned her book, I would be dead.

-Lisa and Meredith are back to being friends again? I am so confused.

-Monica is upset over Meredith being mad at her but still civil with Lisa….I can’t with these women.

-Lisa is upset about her son leaving….so maybe she shouldn’t have gone on the trip?

-I really regret not trying a swizzle when I was in Bermuda.

-Now I understand why Whitney is upset. I thought she was upset that the photoshoot was mentioned. I didn’t realize that she went into deep detail about the shoot and how it went.

-Heather needs to realize that Whitney was going to be upset and really should have asked for permission to tell the story….or shown her what she wrote before it went to print.

-Heather ran away from the producer……did she learn nothing from Scandoval?

-Season finale next week, stay tuned!

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