AGT Fantasy League Finale Recap Part 1

AGT Fantasy League Finale Recap Part 1

AGT Fantasy League Finale Recap Part 1

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: FANTASY LEAGUE -- Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Terry Crews, Robin S., Sainted -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

AGT Fantasy League Finale Recap Part 1

This is the penultimate episode of AGT Fantasy League. The final acts will compete for a chance to win the series next week. Terry Crews hosts, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel judge.


Pack Drumline—Simon

This is one of my all-time favorite acts. Everything about them leaves me in awe every time they perform. This performance is no different. They use no props, just their talent to perform their dance and drumming. It is one of the best performances they have ever done because it just shows raw, pure talent.

The judges love them and can tell that they want to win.


Sofie Dossi—Heidi

Her dad built the props for this routine, which is so sweet. How she can move from post to post using her hands is incredible….how does she do it….especially with that wheel spinning? I am floored by how incredible she is….win or lose, she is going places for sure.

The judges are super impressed with her and wanted it to go on longer.


Kodi Lee—Howie

Kodi is and always has been one of the best acts of all time. Tonight he takes on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen  with his own spin. While it wasn’t my favorite of his performances, he has such a stage presence that I am smiling from start to finish.

The judges wish he did an original song, but love how he never gives up.

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  1. Unbeatable—Heidi

They get better with every performance. Tonight, they have all their usual bells and whistles, but also add sheets, which they use as slides. I have never seen this done before…silks routines, yes, but nothing as intense as this! WOW!

The judges think they are ‘unbeatable’ and perfection.


Ramadhani Brothers—Howie

Balancing head to head. A balancing platform. Being sky high in the air…..while blindfolded. The ladders. My jaw is on the floor from start to finish. I am blown away by how they managed to do this and not get hurt….they are so incredibly talented and athletic…..I literally have no words.

The judges think that this is what the finals are all about and call it their best performance ever.

Musa Motha—Simon

As always, he gives a mind blowing performance. The spins with the crutch were incredible and so unique, but it is his spirit and love of performing that sell the routine. He just shines and commands the stage, making him head and shoulders above the rest.

The judges love him and think he made the show special.


Aidan Bryant—Mel B

He never fails to impress and tonight is no different. He is thrilled to have gotten a Golden Buzzer and has his eye on Sofie….his main competition. (collaboration in the future, maybe?)

This time, he is using an aerial hoop to do his routine. He twists on the hoop and silk, which is raised high in the air. There is a lot of interesting choreography and acrobatics, giving it a subtle elegance.

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The judges are wowed by him and think his act was poetic.


Shadow Ace—Howie

Heidi is a part of the routine tonight. Howie arranges for his parents to send a special message from the Philippines, which was sweet.

The act has him feed Heidi a milkshake while her music plays. It is a clever act that is honestly kind of hard to follow, but I must say it is quite clever.

The judges think it is funny and amazing.


Billy and Emily England—Mel B

They decide to add danger to their act, with Emily skating whist wearing platforms and flying on a rope…..hooked to her hair. How they managed to do all this is beyond me, but it is amazing. The rope is released and they go into a swing routine with more hooks and them bring attached to each other. The whole thing is so creative and unbelievable!

The judges think it is a crazy good act.



They do a rendition of Madonna’s Like a Prayer, which is an interesting choice. However, they somehow make it work with incredible solos. It is a wonderful, powerful way to end the night.

The judges think they ‘took it to church’ with a heavenly performance.


Results next week, stay tuned!


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