America’s Got Talent Recap for June 8, 2021

America's Got Talent Recap for June 8, 2021

America’s Got Talent Recap for June 8, 2021

Tonight is the second night of auditions for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Last week, we saw several amazing acts move on to the next round and judge Howie Mandel use his Golden Buzzer.


Terry Crews hosts, while Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell join Howie at the judges’ table.


Beyond Belief: Alyssa Edwards from RuPaul’s Drag Race is the coach for a dance troupe of young kids. They are in sync and tight as they slay the stage with their dancing. They are kids from all walks of life and possibly the cutest, most fun dancers I have ever seen. The girl who was crying in excitement won my heart, as did the one who is using her prize money (if she wins) to help pay for her medical bills.–4 YESES!


Unicircle Flow: This historical act is a Japanese unicycle dance act. I have never seen anything like this before and am in love with it! I would love to see what else they do in the future.–4 YESES


Larger Than Life: They do a medley of boyband music and while they are adorable and fun to watch, they get three buzzes. They should work on their at a bit more and come back to another show in the future…or portray 2Gether (or another boy band) in the biopic of their careers?–SENT HOME


Korean Soul: They are another cute boy band type, or so it seems. They are actually gospel/soul singers with incredible voices. This is what a boy band should sound like!–FOUR YESES

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Matt Johnson: He is an escape artist who nearly drowned doing a stunt last year. This is a redemption act…..but one he only did for the first time the day before. I can barely watch because it is so terrifying, but it is incredible from what I was able to see. I seriously thought he was going to die.–FOUR YESES

Patrick K: He is a Pittsburgh based magician who does a card trick in front of the judges. It is kind of hard to follow, but the judges seem to love him. I am going to  need to watch this again to pay more attention.–FOUR YESES


Johnny Showcase: There is something so endearing about him, so sweet and adorable. He also has two backup singers and a spiritual advisors. It starts off kind of strange, but it picks up fairly quickly thereafter.–FOUR YESES


The Curtis Family C-Notes: This reminds me of the Osmonds or some sort of other family band. I think they are so cute and I love that the guitars are named after planets. (but did they hear about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?)–FOUR YESES



Les beaux Freres: This is a comedy circus troupe who appeared on France’s Got Talent. They dance with towels and yeah, it is quite interesting. It at least gets some lols from the judges.–FOUR YESES


Gina Brillon: She is a Bronx based comedian who jokes about her husband and being a twin. She is hystetical and of course the judges want more–FOUR YESES


Nightbirde: She is a mom who is suffering from cancer throughout her entire body. However, while she has cancer, it does NOT HAVE HER. She sings an original indie-esque song and completely blows the judges away. SIMON GIVES HER THE GOLDEN BUZZER.

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More next week, stay tuned.


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