Big Brother All Stars Recap for 10/8/2020: Who Are The Final Five?

We are getting to the home stretch on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. There are six players left and only a few short weeks left in the competition. Tonight we will see either Tyler or Christmas get evicted and sent to the jury house.


After the POV ceremony, Cody says that he kept everything the same due to his final two deals with everyone else in the house. Tyler is the target, but is still trying to campaign to be saved. Memphis says there is no way he is saving him because he is too strong a competitor. Meanwhile, Enzo, Nicole and Cody are upset because Christmas isn’t falling apart.


However, after talking to both Memphis and Enzo, Cody begins to realize that Memphis and Christmas may have some kind of side deal going on. Now he wonders if he should get rid of Christmas instead. All this game play and rumors seem to be stressing Cody out, especially when he is told by Enzo that Memphis wants to get rid of Nicole next.


Jury house time! We see Ian chilling in the house when Da’Vonne shows up with all the gossip and news about what he has missed. They realize Dani is the one who caused a lot of the drama, but admit she is the best player in the house.


Before long, they are joined by Kevin, David and Dani. They are especially shocked to see Dani, who is still very upset about how things went down with Cody and Nicole. She shows them the video of how she got there and realizes that Nicole was playing her the whole time.

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However, despite all that happened, she still thinks Cody has a chance to win. As for Nicole, she thinks that she just wants to be the last woman standing in the house.


EVICTION TIME! In a unanimous vote, Tyler is evicted and sent to the jury. After he says goodbye, he talks to Julie about his experience in the house and watches his goodbye messages from the rest of the house.


HOH COMP! Cody is not eligible to compete, but everyone else participates in Stashing Pumpkins. They all balance on a see saw and have to go back and forth to stack pumpkins on one side. If they fall, then they have to start over. Stay tuned to see who wins.

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