The Amazing Race Recap for 11/8/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/8/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/8/2023

This week’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Frankfurt, Germany. Everyone ends up on the same flight and then must drive themselves around.


It is an emotional journey for Robbin, whose late husband was stationed there. Todd and Ashlie are excited to return and everyone else is excited to see it for the first time. Anna Leigh and Steve are not playing nice now that they have been U-Turned.


The teams must drive to Burg Rheinstein. Todd and Ashlie arrive first, followed by Joel and Garrett and Morgan and Lena. Steve and Anna Leigh are hot on their heels. They all board on a ferry together.


Greg and John are on the second ferry with Rob and Corey.


Robbin and Chelsea and Andrea and Malania both get lost on the way there.


Roadblock! One team member must pay the correct amount of Witten. Once they are done, they will get the next clue. Todd, Morgan, Anna Leigh and Garrett complete this task, with Morgan finishing first. Anna Leigh, Garrett and Todd are not too far behind. They all head to Cologne, Germany, where they must find Gurzenich Koln.


Robbin and Chelsea finally make it to the ferry.


Corey and John do the Roadblocks for their teams and finish just as Robbin and Chelsea arrive. As Chelsea completes it, Andrea and Malania end up on the wrong ferry.

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Joel and Garrett also end up lost trying to get to the next part of the leg. Morgan and Lena also get lost, while Steve and Anna Leigh argue over him helping her out with navigation. Ashlie also thinks that she and Todd may be lost.


Greg and John and Robbin and Chelsea get their next clue, which has them participating in a Cologne Carnival. One team member throws flowers while the other rides and horse tricycle. Both of them complete it as Todd and Ashlie and Rob and Corey get started.


Andrea and Malania are still lost.

The other three teams are still trying to get to the carnival location.


The next part of the leg takes them to Hohenzollernbrücke. Once there the team member who didn’t do the Roadblock must find a marked love lock with the TAR flag on the bridge.


Steve and Anna Leigh finally arrive at the carnival.


Detour They can either do Just for Kicks (with a score of 66) and play a dart/soccer game or Matter of Taste where they identify mustards in their German names.


Robbin and Chelsea and Greg and John do the tasting detour.


Andrea and Malania get to the Witten task, but don’t have the Witten.


Todd and Ashlie and Rob and Corey both complete the lock task and do the kicking detour. Todd and Ashlie switch detours because they are struggling.


Greg and John complete the Detour and head to Das Schokoladenmuseum for the Pit Stop.

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Steve and Anna Leigh find the lock and do the tasting detour.


Andrea and Malania finally complete the first task, while Morgan and Lena and Joel and Garrett arrive at the lock task. Morgan and Lena finish and head to the tasting detour. Joel struggles but finishes and ends up doing the tasting detour as well.


One by one, the teams finish the detours and head to the Pit Stop. Andrea and Malania are so far behind that they end up seeing Phil at the carnival…where they learn they were eliminated.


  1. Greg and John—win $4000 each
  2. Robbin and Chelsea
  3. Todd and Ashlie
  4. Rob and Corey
  5. Steve and Anna Leigh
  6. Morgan and Lena
  7. Joel and Garrett
  8. Andrea and Malania—eliminated.


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