Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 12/7/2023

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 12/7/2023

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 12/7/2023

-Gymnast Jordan Chiles is there to share her American Dream, which motivates the remaining contestants. It is also a clue for their next challenge.

-The challenge has them crossing a balance beam over sauce to get ingredients and choose the pasta dish they want. If they fall, they lose the ingredient and must start over. The winning team gets a five minute head start to cook.

-Sammi falls and costs her team precious time and ingredients.

-Atoye also falls.

-The teams are neck and neck with the blue team eventually winning and getting the head start.

-Each team makes their four dishes, trying to make them as unique as possible. Sammi makes the wrong pasta and freaks out.

-Sammi is running short on time and Chef Ramsay continues to put pressure on her.

-Chef Evan Funke, pasta extraordinaire, is on hand to judge.

-The two chefs give the pros and cons of each dish and declare the red team the winners…..despite Sammi’s blunder with the pasta.

-The red team get do goat yoga, while the blue team prepares to make 200 lbs of pasta.

-The red team also get a ton of OXO shopping spree.

-While the red team has fun with goat yoga, Johnathan struggles with making pasta.

-Kel Mitchell is in the house!

-Donya begins to panic, but everyone tells her to calm down.

-The blue team messes up the lobster dish meant for Kel….and Chef Ramsay is not happy.

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-Chef Ramsay pulls Atoye aside to remind her to believe in herself and that she is a good chef.

-The red team messes up the lamb, setting Chef Ramsay off once again.

-The blue team messes up their Beef Wellington, which makes Chef Ramsay even angrier.

-Both teams continue to mess up. This time, Chef Ramsay pulls Donya aside to remind her what she is made of and that it is okay to ask for help.

-After the dinner service, Chef Ramsay tells Dahmere and Leigh they are safe and need to choose the bottom two from their teams.

-Leigh and Dahmere talk to each of their team members before coming to their decisions.

-Atoye, Jason, Carmen, Donya and Carmen are in the bottom two for their respective teams.

-Atoye is eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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