Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 11/30/2023

Next Level Chef Recap for 2/1/2024

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 11/30/2023

-Sandra as Gladys is hilarious. It reminds me of that episode of 90210 when Brenda did the Laverne act at the Peach Pit.

-Atoye is now on the blue team.

-The teams get $100 to buy ingredients for five next level entrees. They will be judged by restauranteur Suzanne Goin. The teams with the highest valued dishes will win.

-Atoye makes a crispy chicken thigh with potatoes. Valued $32.

-Donya’s steak is a bit plain, but values at $39.

-Jason’s cap steak with Swiss chard is valued at $48.

-Leigh’s pork chop and cauliflower puree is worth $42, despite not being on par in terms of flavor.

-Ryan’s scallops are worth $44.

-Sammi’s filet mignon is worth $50.

-Dahmere’s rainbow trout is worth $32.

-Sandra’s kombucha salmon is valued at $34.

-Johnathan’s pork chop with sweet potato puree the dish of the night and worth $52.

-Carmen’s lime steak and puree is worth $40, giving the blue team a win—by one dollar!!!!

-The blue team will go to Joshua Tree, which is a desert oasis. The red team will prep for a Beef Wellington meal.

-Donya begins to break down while Atoye comforts her.

-The red team works while the blue team enjoys some relaxation.

-For some reason, the red team adds ice to the butter they are churning, which Chef Christina finds hilarious because it results in a longer churning time.

-Dinner service….with a barbershop quartet in attendance.

-Atoye ends up choking on risotto. Everyone makes sure she is okay and she moves right along.

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-Apparently, it is Daniel Mac’s birthday…..happy birthday to him.

– Beef Wellington seems to be popular tonight.

-The teams are neck and neck with successful services. Chef Ramsay puts them to the test to see who can win based on the final three tickets.

-In a rush to get the ticket done, the red team almost serves an ice-cold Beef Wellington, while the blue team serves a raw dish.

-Somehow, the blue team is able to get it together and win the service.

-Sandra and Donya are in the bottom two. They give their reasons to stay and who they think should go home. In the end, it is Sandra who is going home….because she admitted to being a weak link.

-More next week, stay tuned.


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