Big Brother Recap for 10/22/2023

Big Brother Recap for 10/22/2023

Big Brother Recap for 10/22/2023

Big Brother 25 on CBS takes off with the aftermath of Cory being evicted. Cirie is glad he is gone because he had a hand in getting rid of Izzy and Jared. Everyone else except for America is also happy to get rid of the one they consider to be a threat.


Cirie and Felicia feel safe at this point since they have a final four with Jag and Matt. The guys only agreed to this because they can win physical competitions and guarantee them final two. Felicia’s plan is to make sure she and Cirie won’t give the guys any ideas or reasons to question their alliance.


In a flashback, we see that Cory lied to Bowie to make her question Matt and Jag. This led to her questioning Jag and him worrying that he doesn’t trust her.


HOH comp! It is in the Scaryverse and each player must correctly identify five dental x-ray records. Everyone seems to struggle, but in the end, due to sheer luck with guessing, Jag wins, despite having won the secret HOH last week.


Jag is happy because he can keep him and Matt safe this week. Cirie and Felicia worry despite their alliance with the guys. Bowie and Blue remain confident that they will be safe due to their alliance with Jag and Matt. Felicia worries even more when Jag tells her he can’t put Bowie on the block with America.

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Matt and Jag think Blue or Felicia could be a pawn because they need Bowie on their side….even though they worry about her mistrust.


Felicia pushes for Bowie to go on the block, but he tells her this isn’t an option. He decides Blue will go up with America…..the reason being he needs her to keep America from winning POV. Blue reluctantly agrees to this plan.


America tries to convince Jag to not put her on the block because it would make more sense to put a stronger player up. She also promises him safety next week if she wins HOH. Jag considers this as a possibility.


Nomination ceremony! Jag puts up America and Blue as planned…with Blue knowing the plan was to prevent America from winning HOH!


More Tuesday, stay tuned!

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