Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/17/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/17/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/17/2023

We are at another HOH competition on CBS’s Big Brother 25. Everyone minus Cory is on the wall, hoping to be the last one standing….er….sitting.


There are flashbacks to Cirie thinking Matt and Cory are being sketchy since they are avoiding her. She tells Jared because she thinks this could spell trouble for Izzy. He goes to investigate and talk to Matt by saying Jag wants to keep Felicia. Matt admits he thinks there will be a flip and starts naming names as to who might be involved. He then tells Cirie and Cory that they need to save Izzy.

Matt thinks something is up and when Jared goes to talk to him again, spills what he knows about the alliances….all of which Jared denies.


Jared also tells Felicia she is safe.


Cory, Jared, Bowie and Matt talk. Jared and Cory argue about the lies being told and Jag’s alleged involvement in said lies. Jag comes into the room and says that Jared is indeed lying, causing Jared to backtrack. Cory and Jared get into it as Jared tries to make Cory look like a liar.


Cirie is not happy with this turn of events and tries to calm things down, but Cory isn’t interested since she knows she will be protected.


Back to the competition. America, Cory, Jag and Matt hope someone other than Jared wins for their own protection. Jared and Cirie know they need a win to protect themselves.

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Cirie falls, followed by Felicia, America, Mecole, Cory, Jag, Matt, Blue, Bowie and Jared…..with Jared winning HOH. Throughout the entire thing, they are swinging and are doused with sauce, meatballs and other stuff.


Cameron, Cory and America are worried about what will happen at nomination time.


Jared talks to Cirie and plans on putting Cory and America up and backdoor Cameron. He tells Cameron that he is done trusting anyone in the house not named Blue. Cameron uses this to his advantage to make the two of them safety promises in hopes of causing a rift between them.


Nomination time. Cory and America are on the block…..with Cory being the target based on his previous behavior. Cory vows to win POV to save him and America.

POV Wednesday, stay tuned!

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