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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 9/12/2023

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 9/12/2023

-These new taglines are weird—but I have to admit I love Whitney’s.

-Salt Lake City is GOREGOUS. I hate the cold, but WOW, it is so beautiful.

-Lisa thinking high heels are walking shoes is such a mood….and so Lisa.

-I really hope Meredith and Lisa can work out their friendship.

-Heather’s hot pink winter coat reminds me of something I owned when I was six.

-Heather and Angie knew each other in high school? And Heather is still bitter over crap that happened back then? I barely remember who did what back then….let alone judge them on it.

-For someone who is no longer Mormon, Heather is still very judgy on how people behave within the religion.

-Meredith and Seth have a podcast……because of course the fucking do….everyone and their uncle has a podcast these days….I’m sure my cat would have one if she could.

-Seth reminds me of Maurico from RHOBH with his reactions to Meredith’s babbling.

-Angie giving her kid a Greek word of the day to help them learn the language is a wonderful idea.

-How does Angie keep that white kitchen so CLEAN?

-Angie’s husband seems so sweet…I love how he makes sure she eats.

-Monica’s banter with her mom is hilarious.

-Is this chick seriously crying over a Louis Vuitton bag?

-Okay, the fact that she has no idea if her father is dead or alive completely breaks my heart.

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-The food at the Whitney/Monica double date looks delicious.

-I want to go shopping at a place that gives me food and champagne.

-Monica got excommunicated for having an affair with her brother-in-law…..and confessed to her bishop.

-Sooooo…Monica got excommunicated and then went to Vicki’s to get a shit ton of thongs? Did I get that right? I mean…go big or go home?

-Who doesn’t have Don Perignon? Girl, I wonder this too…..and ordering it with your pizza is such a mood.

-Girls trip time!!! There is already drama since Whitney decided to fly out on her own…..but maybe she had a doctor’s appointment or something and had to reschedule?

-Trixie Mattel is a legend! LOVE LOVE LOVE Trixie!!!!

-Lisa lost her ring and is freaking out…..and the other girls are making fun of her. I feel so bad for Lisa!!!!

-Whitney got a PJ to travel on the trip. #sojealous

-I want to go to the Trixie Motel!

-More next week, stay tuned!


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