Who Killed Robert Wone: Interview with Jared P. Scott and Preview

Who Killed Robert Wone: Interview with Jared P. Scott and Preview

Need something to watch tonight? Check out Who Killed Robert Wone? only on Peacock! Check out more information and our interview with director Jared P. Scott below!

On the night of August 2, 2006, Victor Zaborsky calls 911 to report an intruder stabbing a friend at the D.C. home he shares with Joe Price and Dylan Ward. First responders arrive to find attorney Robert Wone already dead in the guest room. With little blood at the scene and no signs of struggle or robbery, suspicions heighten after police interview the three housemates. Believing the men know more than they are revealing, the investigation soon uncovers more questions than answers. Unthinkable twists and turns surface, leaving friends questioning how well they knew the three men and police struggling to nail down answers. Ultimately, prosecutors bring an unusual set of charges against the three residents — but not for murder. As Price, Zaborsky and Ward maintain their innocence and fight to clear their names, those close to Robert seek the truth and try to heal from unimaginable loss.


Director: Jared P. Scott

Executive Producers: Eric Wetherington, Patrick Reardon, Jared P. Scott, Paul Epstein

Produced by: Jupiter Entertainment

Format: Two-Part Documentary Series; 135 mins

Interview with Jared P. Scott


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