The Masked Singer Recap for 4/5/2023

The Masked Singer Finale Recap for 5/17/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 4/5/2023

This is WB Movie Night on Fox’s The Masked Singer!! Let’s get down to business!


The Doll: He sings Jailhouse Rock by Elvis and completely rocks it, no pun intended! I am in awe of his entire performance….there is no way he is going home tonight and if he is eliminated, the judges are going to use the save!


The clue is King Status, which represents him and The King making movies and selling platinum records.


Guesses include Gene Simmons, Sebastian Bach, Austin Butler



The Dandelion: Her life is like the Wizard of Oz, so it is only fitting that she sings Judy Garland’s Over The Rainbow. WOW, she is fantastic….like, winning the show fantastic. I have no words for how GOOD she is!


The clue is Billboards written on Dorothy’s slippers, which represents the work she has done.


Guesses include Zooey Deschanel, Emmy Rossum, Reese Witherspoon.



The Mantis: He has a brooding persona, but is good at comedy….and almost won an Emmy. He is also done everything from Broadway to the silver screen.

He sings Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seeger and just seems to have a lot of fun up on stage.


The clue is a pair of sunglasses with a True Story tag on it, representing someone he played in a movie.


Guesses include Dennis Quaid, Cole Hauser, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Springsteen.


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The first to be eliminated is…….THE DOLL. WTF? I am so hoping he is saved…..otherwise I will be so sad. HE WAS NOT SAVED BUT HE IS NONE OTHER THAN TWISTED SISTER’S DEE SNIDER!!! I am a huge fan of his, so it is amazing to see him, but he deserved to stay longer.



The remaining two sing I’ve Got A Golden Ticket and again, it’s hard to guess who will win it all, but I think the Mantis is Sean Hayes.


The one going home is………The Mantis!!! HE IS SAVED BY THE BELL!!!

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