America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/22/2023

America's Got Talent Recap for 8/22/2023

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/22/2023

We are finally at the live shows for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Terry Crews hosts, while Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara judge.


Only two acts will move on to the next round, so be sure to vote!


True Villains–Rock Band: This is giving total high school talent show vibes in the best possible way. There is something so cute and endearing about them despite the hard rock performance. The fire added mid-performance was an interesting touch.

Simon is not a fan, but the other judges were super into it.


Lambros Garcia–Dancer: He reminds me of Derek from Full House with his charm and personality. The dancing is so fun and cute…those jumps and spins are unbelievable! I am smiling from start to finish.

The judges are blown away by him!


Mitch Mossell–Singer: His voice is so smooth and comforting…..there is also something calming about his presence. He is definitely going places whether or not he wins the show.

The judges adore him and think he is the one to beat.


Oleksandr Leshchenko & Magic Innovations – Multimedia dancer: The story reminds me of something out of a movie with fire, dragons, superheroes and magic….I legit watched it three times because I loved it that much….THIS is an act I would pay to see. WOW!!! Simon isn’t a fan of the music used, but everyone else is completely amazed by the entire thing.

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Adrian and Hurricane–Dog Act: It looks like Green Acres with comedy mixed in. The two of them do a routine to I’m A Believer and Girls Just Want to Have Fun and I cannot look away….it am mesmerized by it and think that it is my favorite act of the night.

The judges love it, with Simon calling it his favorite act of the night.


Sainted–Choir: I love choirs, so of course I love this act. They are dressed in Barbie colors while doing some sort of rap/hip hop song and dance. It is such a fun hybrid of different styles that you cannot help but smile from start to finish…while singing along to the music.

The judges proclaim that this is what they are looking for in an act.


Brynn Cummings–Ventriloquist: She is adorable and reminds me of Darci Lynne. She and her puppet have Heidi play matchmaker for the puppet. It’s silly, but absolutely hilarious. Heidi is having a blast with it, despite not agreeing with the choices in what seems to be The Bachelor for Puppets.

Howie quips that they should play matchmaker for Sofia. The others think the act is adorable.


John Wines–Guitarist: He plays a bunch of different songs, including the National Anthem and what appears to be the theme song to The Munsters….despite getting buzzed by Simon, I cannot stop watching or listening.

The other judges enjoyed it and love him.


Maureen Langan–Comedian:She looks like she is cosplaying for a That Girl convention (so cute!) and jokes about aging and menopause. It is very relatable and the audience seems to love her….as do the judges!!!

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Ray Wold–Fire Act: This is wild….I literally have no words for this act…..everything about it has me in awe…I don’t know who is better, him or his mom (assistant) who finds creative ways to set him on fire.

Howie buzzes them because you don’t set your moms on ire, while everyone else is amazed.


Lavender Darcangelo–Singer: She was Heidi’s Golden Buzzer and tonight she proved why. Her rendition of I Want to Know What Love Is has me in tears…wow. What a way to end the night!

The judges are absolutely blown away and beg people to vote.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!





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