Young Sheldon Recap for 12/8/2022: Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha

Young Sheldon Recap for 12/8/2022: Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha

Young Sheldon Recap for 12/8/2022: Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha

This week’s Young Sheldon opens with Mary, George and Sheldon in a meeting with Dr. Hagemeyer, who offers George a beer. They are discussing Sheldon’s grant database idea, which will have the university owning 90% and Sheldon owning 10%.


George and Mary are skeptical of everything and want time to think about things, but President Hagemeyer pushes the idea and keeps brining them with treats.


Georgie and MeeMaw are working at the casino when he goes to put money in the video store register. He goes to talk to Mandy, who is being shamed by a customer about showing ‘filth.’ The woman threatens to tell her prayer group not to come to the store, causing Mandy not to care and Georgie to be snarky.


Dr. Linkletter and President Hagemeyer talk to another colleague about the project. They are mostly concerned about Sheldon and having to work with him.


Pastor Jeff goes to MeeMaw’s to shame her about carrying movies that might lead to temptation. MeeMaw gets sassy with him and slams the door in his face.


George and Mary go to talk to a lawyer about Sheldon’s project, but seem to get nowhere.


Dr. Linkletter talks to Sheldon about the grant database idea, wanting to get more credit for the idea since it was formed in his office.  Sheldon isn’t sure about this, so Dr. Linkletter guilts him by saying he is like family.

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Pastor Jeff and members of the congregation petition in front of the store to protest the movies being rented. Mandy tells them to leave and argues that God made the private parts shown in said movies, but they continue to argue with her. MeeMaw comes out and turns the fire extinguisher on them to make them leave.


Georgie finds out about what they did and says it was a bad idea, making them wonder when he became so responsible.


President Hagemeyer tells Sheldon that they need the papers signed in order to move forward with the project and sweetens the deal by saying that they will name a building in his honor.


MeeMaw visits Pastor Jeff and destroys her last copy of Basic Instinct. He is glad she saw reason, but now wants to get rid of more objectionable movies.


Dr. Linkletter tries to get Sheldon on his side to work on the project, asking if he is a scientist or a pawn of the administration. Sheldon agrees that the two of them have a deal.


MeeMaw orders more objectionable movies to piss off Pastor Jeff. Georgie thinks it is a bad idea because of their real illegal business. MeeMaw doesn’t care and wants to do what she wants.


The news shows up to interview MeeMaw about the situation, but Georgie takes over, saying there is nothing illegal or immoral happening.


At dinner, Mary and George tell Sheldon about talking to the lawyer, making Missy think they are getting a divorce. Once they explain that Sheldon invented something, she changes her tune when she realizes he could be worth money. He doesn’t want the lawyer, but is convinced when he realizes that Mary made his spaghetti with extra hot dogs.

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At the meeting with everyone, Sheldon is caught in the middle when he realizes he tried to be on everyone’s side. He leaves and tells Mary he is cutting everyone out and doing it on his own.


The video store now only sells Christian based movies, which upsets their customers. Mandy realizes they can look up what anyone ever rented….and they find out Pastor Jeff’s wife rented Dirty Dancing five times and Fatal Attraction six times. MeeMaw goes to Pastor Jeff with this news and says she knows what everyone in the church has rented, leaving him to beg for mercy as the episode comes to a close.

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