Sammi’s Favorite Things: The Awakened Athlete

Sammi's Favorite Things: The Awakened Athlete

Sammi’s Favorite Things: The Awakened Athlete

Throughout my life, I have met many incredible people who have taught me important life lessons. Each lesson has shaped me into the person I am today and have helped me look at things in ways I may have never thought of otherwise.

Most recently, I met an incredible man named Nick Gancitano. He and his wife Penelope Love (more about her in my next article!) are a supercouple in my town and bring joy everywhere they go. Their positive energy is contagious and their love for everything and everyone is unmatched.

Two months ago, Nick wrote an incredible book called The Awakened Athlete, which helps people sustain what he describes as “the secret off-switch to the mind that instantly catapults you into The Zone, where the leaders in every category of life reside.” Throughout the book, he explains how to do this and how to help people become their very best selves by clearing their minds and changing their mindsets. He presents his ideas in a way that is easy to understand and makes the reader feel as if they are talking to a friend or mentor (frien-tor?)

Nick has a very special gift, not just with this book, but by being who he is as a person. Being able to share his gift is wonderful, knowing him and being his friend is an honor.

Check out the link below to buy The Awakened Athlete.

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