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Favorite Podcast of 2022: Unsolved Mysteries

Favorite Podcast of 2022: Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries has always been my favorite television show. I have fond memories of watching with my grandmother and then in college with my friends. I was ecstatic when Netflix rebooted the show and gave us more cases to watch, analyze and hopefully solve.

Imagine my excitement when the show added a podcast to its franchise. It is hosted by my good friend Steve French and helps being awareness to murder cases, missing persons, the paranormal and everything in between that is unsolved.

The podcast recently returned for another season and is better than ever. Best of all, we learned that one of the cases from a past season was solved earlier this year!

Steve also has a Robert Stack meets Morgan Freeman likeability with his delivery and voice. He has the seriousness of Robert and the smoothness of Morgan, making him the perfect kind of podcast host.

This is the reason why Unsolved Mysteries is TVGrapevine’s Favorite Podcast of 2022.

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