ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for 12/7/2022

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for 12/7/2022

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for 12/7/2022

This week’s Lego Masters on Fox opens with Will Arnett and NASCAR star Jeff Gordon racing together and then telling the final four teams about their new challenge. They all have to build a racecar that they will then race on a track. William Byron also shows up to offer support.


The teams are broken into two teams: the Stephens and Emily/Dave vs. Nick/Stacey and Brendan/Greg.


The teams have nine hours to build said racecar, with a pit stop in the middle of the challenge.


The red team (The Stephens and Emily/Dave) get to work, with Emily being the driver. They all talk about their driving mishaps and how one of the Stephens is nicknamed Crash for his clutzy ways.


Brendan will be the driver for the blue team. He and Greg kind of play coy when it comes to talking about their driving pasts.


Emily and Brendan practice driving while their teams build….and crash.


Team Blue builds a 90s themed Electric Blue car that they promise is strong and good looking.


Team Red builds a Red Rocket to represent that they are all Canadian.


Another twist! The team with the better looking car will get the pole position, aka stay out front.


Will calls Sean Hayes aka Jack from Will and Grace to cheer everyone on. He is his usual fun self, which the teams appreciate, despite the fact that they are focused on their builds.

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The teams continue to work hard, with Emily becoming more intense by the minute. Everyone else seems to get more and more stressed as time goes on.


Before long, time is up and Jeff Gordon returns to help judge the cars and race. Each car is judged and given their pros and cons.


The Red Team gets the pole position and THE RACE ON!!! It is an intense race, but in the end, the Blue Team wins.


The Red Team is now in the bottom two, thanks to the pit stop slowing them down. However, in an unexpected plot twist, NO ONE GOES HOME!!


More next week, stay tuned!


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